Don't Force Our Hand

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I have argued that we of the Hard Right should not actively seek open confrontation with the enemies of our culture. I have tried to advocate for a legal, ethical procedure to rid our communities of those who would wish us harm, as I find that preferable to bloodshed. In the comments, we have repeatedly argued back and forth about what has to happen, with some positing that we should not eschew violence so readily (and I realize that no one is calling for wholesale genocide or anything like that).

Honestly, I still hope and pray that this can be resolved as peacefully as possible, but I am beginning to have my doubts that it can happen. Not because our side is not willing to follow this path, but because the other side is doing everything they can to force our hand.

It reminds me of the climactic scene in the Tom Selleck movie Quigley Down Under, where the evil land baron, played by Alan Rickman, forces Quigley to face him in a gun fight. Quigley, known for his sharpshooter skills with a rifle, has repeatedly stated that he had little use for handguns, leading Rickman’s character to wrongly assume that Quigley is not proficient with one. Of course, Quigley is quite capable, killing the bad guy. As the evil man lies dying, Quigley points out, “I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it.” (See the video clip below).

It seems to me that a similar scenario is being played out in real life.
Look, the Hard Right has no desire to fight in the streets. No sane person wants to live in a society where there is constant, realistic expectations of ongoing bloodshed. That is why we advocate the removal of undesirables. We do not want to kill anyone. We want them to simply go away. Go home. Go back where you came from. Just leave us alone. In fact, if there is an overarching theme to the Hard Right position, it is that we just want to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.

Unfortunately, the left has horribly misread the situation. Rather than realize the superiority of our position, they have chosen to bring the fight to us. They have mistaken our forbearance to this point for weakness. That is dead wrong. It is not that we are not capable. It is that we do not want open conflict. But if we are forced into a corner, all hell is going to break loose, and the Left is not going to like the result.

It is each person’s legal right, in this country, to assemble peaceably. This is true for both right and left. But if the other side is going to incite violence, I can categorically state that the Hard Right is more than able to finish the fight.

I pray the Left realizes this before it is too late. If their past performance is any indication, however, they are going to have to learn this the hard way.

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  1. Don’t be too quick to dismiss the left’s skill at effective violence. Today’s SJW snowflakes can make you forget Lenin, Trotsky, Mao, Giap, etc. There is plenty of proven theory for leftists to draw on, should it come down to it.
    The anarchists aren’t the ones to be worried about, outside of a few street fights.

    • That really depends on how willing the right is to take the fight to the authorities if the authorities try to intervene on the left’s behalf.
      Violence is inevitable. It generally is. Not because Violence is the best solution, or even a good solution, but when every other solution fails, Violence is absolutely always one.
      The difference between the leftist regimes of lenin, trotsky, and Mao, is that the right is armed. In fact, never before in history has a fully armed populace left and right fought a civil war.
      The thing is, I don’t see the authorities choosing a side to lose against. If it comes to an armed fight, the police have better things to do than die wading into two heavily armed armies… And the ironic part is that most of the actual enforcers of the peace, as well as the military and trained and capable cadre, are unequivocally on the side of the right.
      Trump, right now, has assured that the highest levels of government are on the right, and the lowest levels are on the right… The middle management, as always, is firmly on the left.
      This means that the right ONLY has to fight if the left forces them to… Like at the Berkely Rally, even though the right was clearly ready to fight, nothing was started until the antifa freaks moved in and attacked us. There is a prevailing attitude that ‘we will not start a fight, but we will finish it’ which also gives us the moral high ground of being the defenders and the underdog.
      A movement like che guevera can only take root in an unarmed populace. In an armed populace, leftist enforcers are going to lose… they have tarnished their brand irrevocably, And that means that if they choose to make it lethal, they will die.
      if Hillary was president, the situation might be different… But I do not see Trump trying to disarm us under any circumstances.
      The reality is, I think that while the left doesn’t own the government, they won’t turn things lethal. They are incredibly stupid, but even stupid has limits.

      • Lenin and Trotsky took power and then defeated the White Russian forces coming in from the periphery of the old Russian Empire. They had taken power in what was effectively a coup against the provisional government, and thereupon defeated a traditionalist insurgency.
        All I’m saying is that some communists fight well, either in rebellion or in authority. I am NOT saying today’s leftists are anything like Lenin, thank God. I’ll take SJWs over the NKVD any day.
        What I am saying is that it is POSSIBLE for the left to learn to fight well, they’ve done it before. We should be aware of that, and be clever enough to avoid it happening.
        I’m not clever enough to have a detailed plan to that effect, but I do believe emphasizing law and order is crucial. Fighting the anarchists is, almost by definition, fighting for order. So the Berkeley rumble was a true win.

        • #1 There is no such thing as a fair fight. There is simply a fight.
          #2 The left has never had to face an armed opponent in any internal power struggle.
          #3 Electing Trump and preserving Scalia’s seat on SCOTUS has simply delayed the left sole hope for victory – disarming the population.
          #4 If Trump gets 1-3 more seats, it may put off that happening for a generation.
          #5 Eventually the left will attempt to disarm the population.
          #6 Item #5 is the true flashpoint for an internal conflict.
          #7 If/When #5 occurs, the end of the Republic as we know it will occur. The outcome can only be benevolent (if we’re lucky) dictatorship. If we get another Washington, there may be a 2nd Republic with vastly different voting rights. If we don’t get another Washington…. well I won’t be around to worry about it.

      • And the ironic part is that most of the actual enforcers of the peace, as well as the military and trained and capable cadre, are unequivocally on the side of the right.
        I have to disagree with this statement. I have seen and heard too many LEO that are all too willing to disarm the public and too trample civil liberties to consider them to be on the side of the right. You do call out Enforcers of the Peace, and maybe in that statement you intentionally excluded LEO. I can mostly agree with that, but it appears that those on the scene at these events are mostly of the LEO variety, not the Peace Officer variety.

        • Yup, both a statist that leans right and a statist that leans left are, in the end, statist. Rusty chainsaws and woodchoppers for them both.

      • You are right –Even stupid has it’s limits but progressives are not stupid, mentally challenged as to reality-YES. Reading comprehension does not mean the same thing to the Elitist as it does to the common man. Common sense is just a string of words to the Progressives.

      • “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits” – Einstein, I believe….

    • There’s a big difference. The people that lenin & his ilk recruited were not soft. These were people who were familiar & steeped in hardship & struggle all through their lives. Though misguided,they were actually fighting for improvements. These vermin are soft,spoiled,coddled esteem junkies who’ve never had a lick of adversity in their pampered lives. Lenins people were made tough through their constant struggle to survive. These clowns have been made tough through the Internet,their parents heaping them with unwarented praise & participation medals doled out by the metric ton. They’re in no way prepared for the reality that’s about to fall on them.

    • They aren’t anarchists. They are spoiled brats who’ve drank deeply of the collectivist koolaide…the flavor not mattering whether its ‘dumb-ocracy’, communism, socialism (communism without the balls yet to pick up an ak47 and act on it), fascism, or any other coercive system of ‘gov/authority’. They’re statists, no matter what they say.
      I can say this because I’m an anarchist and I and other anarchists/voluntarists have no desire to commit acts of aggression, theft or fraud on any peaceful individual. We only wish to act in a voluntary manner with other people and have them do the same with us.
      For more info please see both “The Most Dangerous Superstition” and “The Iron Web” by Larken Rose.
      Thank you and have a wonderful day!
      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!

      • And if the spoiled statist brats push too far, I will stand with those threatened by them with my Fn-Fal in my hands and my Glock on my hip…that’s my promise to people of good will!
        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!

    • No, were all going to learn the hard way.
      If we were eternally vigilant instead of seeking to be left alone we wouldn’t be in the present situation.

    • Libtards are all just like their pet blacks: Jackals. Cowardly and only find the “courage” to hunt in packs.

  2. After close personal experience, I can tell you… The leftists are not there to fight. They are there to bully and disrupt. They are in things like antifa to boost their youtube hits, to beat up unarmed old men, to score points with their social justice groups, and to write up school projects.
    The right wingers that were fighting were defending their lives, their futures, Their children, their culture, They were there to WIN. In the future, i think that left/right engagements will only become MORE heavily biased towards the right. I doubt very much they will turn lethal in the large scale (although there will likely be a few deaths… especially when leftist psychos start going the assassination route) because we do not WANT lethal combat.
    But as far as defending ourselves? Base Stickman has shown us the way… over half the attendees were prepared for a fight, with hardhats, eye protection, and many shields and the occasional bludgeon.
    The left has gone too far, and we will no longer allow what happened to Milo, Gavin, and others to occur. If the left tries to escalate to lethal, we will clear the campuses and send them all to camp for a little ‘real’ education, and most likely we will have executive support.
    We are still restrained.

    • Behind Antifa are hard-core Bader-Meinhoff type Marxist true-believers. Antifa is only there to provide re-con for the real fight coming.

      • so we need to “deacons for defense” in return.
        have an armed, capable group sitting concealed a block away. they bring in the hardcore…so do we.
        per mike vanderboegh’s doctrine of “no fort sumters” always let them escalate first. it allows you to keep the moral high ground.
        sure, we’ll lose some people. unfortunate, but probably unavoidable. but I’ll put our combat vets against their political indoctrination in a fight any day of the week.

        • The left has combat vets that are training their side. There will be heavily armed and trained small units opposing each other. Fortunately, I believe the right has more combat vets and more people willing to be trained to oppose the left if needed. Once people start dying in bulk we will see what the leftists are made of – will they continue to fight and die or return to their previous distractions?

          • The left might have some combat vets training their side but the right is stuffed with more combat vets than they could ever need.

          • I know many vets, and the vast majority are right of center. Maybe not Hard Right, but they have no love for the commies on the left. The few left-leaning vets I know have almost no inclination to actually fight, having served as cooks, clerks, etc. for the majority of their service. The vets from combat arms are overwhelmingly to the right.

  3. Unfortunately, violence is inevitable. In fact, from a practical and logical point of view, violence is required to expel all the SJWs and their allies from polite civilisation, and will further be required to man the walls of the forts that hold the line against them, as well as to expel any dissidents within them.

    • I was waiting for someone to say this. Antifa and their street antics are not the problem. The problem is Slate, Salon, Slate, Huffington Post, etc., and the mindset their true believers represent. The universities?
      65M people voted for Clinton. Even if only 1% were true hardcore shitlibs, what is the solution to 600,000 fellow misguided citizens?

  4. Violence is not only inevitable – it’s required. Every form of life on this planet – from the grass in your lawn to the beasts f the jungle – is a product of violence We may not see that which happens under our feet or in a thorny bramble in darkest Africa but for every plant or animal that thrives a dozen others are consumed.
    We are animals too and try as we might, we cannot renounce the instincts that have brought us to this point. Civilization has convinced most of us that those savage days are long gone and we are better for their passing but the instincts are still there and – just as our ancestors did – we will bring them forth when our lives, our families or our way of life is endangered.

  5. Do a browser search of…
    Political Left Arming
    I see things differently, just because a person or group opens ther mouth and proves there stupidity…
    Never count the chickens , till there on your table.
    Do Not underestimate the enemy
    Everyone laughed at DPRK for yrs if not decades

  6. Great article; I’m going to link to it from my blog. Very minor nit: it’s spelled “Quigley.” (One of my favorite movies.)

  7. “In fact, if there is an overarching theme to the Hard Right position, it is that we just want to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.”
    There is the succinct statement of right vs left.

    • The right are the producers while the left are the takers. That should be plain as glass for anyone willing to look.

  8. There were “useful idiot” groups that were used and then wasted by the Bolsheviks. these Antifa college kids are a prime example of the type. Commies all during history in every country typically went after the intellectuals and the anarchists with a vengeance the minute they were in power for real, and these were some of the first to be killed, since the masterminds never intended to hand out positions of power as a reward for help. It was a con job. Plus a real commie government had no use for freeloaders, misfits and snowflakes. The only freeloaders allowed were the nomenklatura.
    I wish some of these college kids would read their history, rather than just some stupid fist in the air f***book memes. Surely they would be dissuaded from aiding and abetting such weasels, unless their brains are such mush from all the propaganda and indoctrination that they can’t think at all.
    This however doesn’t mean that some of them won’t learn how to fight in the meantime, or that they won’t pick up some more hardened cases. Which might eat them for lunch too and take over their group.

    • I agree with this. I thought when Commies take power they always purge the intellectuals first. That’s what happened in China, that’s definitely what happened in Cambodia. Yet, if we look at where the worst cultural ideas are coming from, it’s from the “elite” universities and academia.
      They are trying to undermine traditional Western culture with “trans”-theories, “gender equality”, “intersectionality”, etc. That’s all it is; stupid garbage to sow confusion and weaken our society. But if these academics get their wish and the leftists take over, won’t those intellectuals be first against the wall?

  9. “Rather than realize the superiority of our position, they have chosen to bring the fight to us.”
    The superior position is the one that wins out and survives.

  10. “The vulgar crowd always is taken by appearances, and the world consists chiefly of the vulgar.”
    — Niccolò Machiavelli, The Prince
    This is a religious war, a cold war for now, but going hot as courage of convictions is gained, on both sides.
    The Last Trump was a messenger, and I have seen fear in his eyes of late, and a change of countenance, this is not him ‘selling out’, this is him being pushed into a corner the same as JFK was by LBJ. Have they threatened his family? That’s how evil works, remember all is not at it seems, the world is a lie, and being on the right doesn’t make one a holy warrior, just more right. In the end, is a right boot on your neck, worse than a left boot? A boot is a boot. And America now stands at the precipice of The Abyss. Degenerating rapidly, civility disintegrating, and with civility goes civil-ization.
    When we accept that the Left is a religious calling, or, might as well be, then we too must accept, that we must approach the problem as religious zealots too. But the problem with the right, is that we are like unto a herd of cats, where the left is like a herd of Buffaloes. If you think that 10,000 MOO’s(Militia’s Of One) can withstand a herd of buffaloes, I assure you, you cannot, not in the long run. You will simply be characterized in The Media, a murdering terrorists. No. Matter. What, or who fires the first shot. Remember, Perception is Reality. We cannot change perception in a host of idiots who would do anything to keep from thinking, and a low percentage who think they’re thinking, which leaves a very low percentage who actually can think. The cold war, going hot, will be a fuzzy affair. The First Shots, will be ‘perceived’ to be taken by US, NO. MATTER. WHO FIRES THE FIRST SHOT.
    But in the end, it must, go hot, because that is the nature of Ideologies, the only winner is the Head of Gold, that pulls the strings, they who burn down their own nest, in order to rise again from the ashes, more powerful than before. Know this, and the answer is clear. They are evil, evil does one thing above all others, it consumes, destroys, tears down that which was built up. There are only three ways of standing against evil; fight, flee, or compromise. The last 240 years have been about compromise, how’s that worked out for us? We had a fight or two or three, how’d that work out? The only thing left is to form up, and disappear, not just go Galt, but go Galt en masse, connected, together, into a thousand Galt Gulches, to await the lights of New York to go dark. For evil must consume, and when they have consumed the Good, they will consume each other.
    This does not mean, that there should not be targeted actions, exploits, because God demands one thing above all; Justice.
    America is becoming a fiction, a novel, a dystopian nightmare, the left is only a tool of the Phoenix, like the neocon right, both beholden to the money power; or in the words of JFK;
    “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant in a free and open society; and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings… Our way of life is under attack. Those who make themselves our enemy are advancing around the globe… no war ever posed a greater threat to our security.For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.”
    – John F Kennedy 1961, ‘Secret Society speech’.
    “The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth—persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
    Thus, we, like them, must gell into a secret society that to them is a joke, ridiculed and ignored, or in the open be consumed, one by one. If they ‘get’ Mr. Trump, that is the end of America as we have known it, the end of debate, the end of civility, economy, there will only be us vs them. So how will you know enemy from friend? Can you see communist or libertarian at 100 yds? Will there be colors, blue, gray, or red? Or will there simply be riots with guns? Does anyone have a plan for ‘reconstruction’ afterwards? Do we not see that it is not simply culture disintegrating, but ethnic angst? IF America fragments, California secedes or is take by Mexico, or any of a dozen scenarios of collapse, what will you do without a Brotherhood? What can a group of squabbling cats do to stop a herd of mindless buffaloes? Pick off a few? That is not an answer… for you will only enrage the herd.
    Organize, or die.

    • Know this, and the answer is clear. They are evil, evil does one thing above all others, it consumes, destroys, tears down that which was built up.

      According to the Bible, the Tower of Babel was built up, and destroying it, tearing it down, was good. The Deep State has been built up; would tearing it down be good?

  11. I was in a gunstore recently and a heavy set middle aged white guy came in wanting to buy a bunch of AR’s. He obviously wasn’t a gun guy. But had alot of cash. Quiet eavesdropping revealed that he was a liberal just turning to acquiring firearms with the results from the recent election.
    Am I concerned about fatty and his new toys with his bare two reloads supply of ammo. No. But it does show that the Libs are taking things a little more seriously.

  12. “no one is calling for wholesale genocide”. Only if you don’t count Susan Rosenblatt-alias Sontag, Noel Ignatiev, Ben Wattenberg, Tim Wise, Barbara Spectre, George Soros, and any number of other prominent Jews who have since the 1960’s been calling for the destruction of the White Nations and the annihilation of all Whites. It is, after all, their Talmudic Tikkun Olam: “kill the best goyim”. And, via open-borders Judeo-globalist non-White ethnic insourcing and the White birthrate-killing kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, judeo-feminism – that genocide is now well underway. The slowness of Whites to understand what is happening is really quite astonishing.

    • In context, that was referring to comments on earlier posts on this site. You can follow the links in the article to read them, if you care to do so.

  13. I can only speak for myself, but I am thankful for everyones input and comments every where Men of The West are rising up in regards the topic of this fine post, including this post.
    I have resigned and committed myself as a man of the Hard-Right, as a Christian Man of The West, to the possibility I will be defending my home, hearth, kith and kin, my faith, which sustains me, my liberty and primal rights granted me by the great creator.
    I see for myself no profit in worrying or spending more than necessary in my preparations, what the people out to destroy this great Republic, and it’s principles will or won’t do. I figure it is past stopping, the die has been cast awhiles ago, and our enemy can not be reckoned with, they can not be bargained with, because their ultimate goal is genocide of us Men of The West, and what we stand for.
    It’s pretty simple when you get down to the crux of it. It has been in the works before the ink was dry on the parchment of ratification. America, it’s people as constituted, our ideals, our vibrancy, our motive power and audacity, never mind God as our creator, must be destroyed, all traces of liberty and self determination, all our prosperity, our intrinsic wealth, must be eradicated from the Earth, for as long as the race of Men of The West exists, there can be no world dominion if even the idea of liberty and all it means can be seen and known as the greatest uplifting event in human history.
    I know all that is wordy and complex, but it is the meat and potatoes of who I am as a man. It runs through my veins. It is my legacy plain and simple.
    That I will never bend a knee, I will never submit, I refuse my consent, I withdraw my consent for anything less than my Liberty and have no reservations defending my life, my family, and my property. You can say I have made peace with that. But what I have really done is I refuse to let another man fight and die defending my Liberty and my race of Men of The West, if I have anything to say or do about it. For my liberty is his liberty, and vice versa. We are all in this together, and it all begins with each of us.
    I hope to, inspire others to the same, for in this, we become far stronger than the sum of ourselves alone, that solidarity and brotherhood, the motive power of our courage and conviction, before arms, before bloodshed, for our faith, we obtain an armor so strong, we can never be vanquished, but it will be our foes whom are the vanquished.
    That is just the way it is, for good and bad. It is our fate right now, to fight, and to win. There are no other options to winning. And when it comes, you got to fight like there will be no tomorrow, because if we do not fight there won’t be tomorrow for The Men of The West. And you have to prepare for that now. While there is time to prepare, to check zeroes, sharpen our hatchets, get right with the Lord. And in any case, how is that really any different then any day?
    And what is there to fear but a horde bent on destruction of our race of men?
    So you see, I am not afraid of dying in the cause of our providence, I am afraid of not being able to make the other guy die for his evil ideology. Thats the truth right there. There is no dishonor, but every honor preparing our hearts and our minds for the fight our enemy is bringing to our doors.
    I Say Rise Men of The West – Hard Right or die.

      • It’s one of the great axioms far as I’m concerned.
        “Failure is not an option”, as Gene Kranz of NASA fame famously said it.
        And thats the thing, great endeavors require great efforts from ordinary people, all civil wars are conflicts between hearts and minds before anything, and this one brewing is a doozy. One of the things that made early NASA achieve almost impossible goals and unheard of technology, (up until the human extinction movement got their greasy meathooks on it politically), was a culture among the ranks of the people all over America making the components and figuring out the things never done, was a common creed, “It won’t fail because of me”.
        Something we all don’t much broach in our conversations are the positive what if’s.
        Lets say there is civil conflict, part more or less peaceful, part violent, but it is widespread in any case.
        I’d like to predicate what I’m thinking here on my own personal estimation of the reality of Antifa and the Neo-Bolshiviks, and the backing of it by higher order agent provocateurs, all the way up to George Soros.
        And I predicate it on two simple equations, Grass Roots always beats Astro-Turf. And guns, lots of guns, in the hands of men of the west. So many guns in so many hands, in the event of a common uprising by the dirt people in the name of simple basic human rights against the tyranny of the Fabian’s, it would constitute an insurgency that dwarfs the infantry level man power of any army on earth. Even if 1% of America rose up on self defense, that constitutes 3.4 million men in arms. Who is to say what will happen, but if your one of the main actors out to destroy this country, you have to be cognisent of that fact.
        So for arguments sake, lets say less than half of that 3.5 million take up arms, that is still a whole lot of firepower, that puts the enemy immediately on the defensive, and because it is truly grass roots in its formation it is open source and very difficult to stop. The nightmare of all who try to conquer free men with a will to fight back.
        So for further argument, lets say the men of the west win. How does that happen you say?
        Well it boils down to pretty basic math. There is not enough actors in the enemy camp to fight and win against the patriots of the west. There never can be, Astro-Turf doesn’t work like grass roots provincial uprisings do. The two are entirely different critters.
        And you have to figure another dynamic into the equation- Support. Auxiliary support at the grass roots level. Not everyone is a sheet metal chewing guerrilla fighter taking out a commie for mommie. Support is everything to a indigenous insurgency. But there are a lot of people sympathetic to the cause of mom and apple pie. And this is a country where the underdog is favored in a noble cause, and who doesn’t like a winner against all odds? Remember always, the conflict under way, is one of hearts and minds, and you have to win hearts and minds before you win anything in this kind of conflict.
        So, lets say the Men of The West are victorious, whatever the fight. Does anyone here realize what a pivotal point in history this is?
        To defeat the marxists at the grass roots level, to have the precedence in our hands to make this country what it was before the document of administrative tyranny called the US Constitution made it possible for the statism of centralized government to slowly undermine and erode the primal tenets and catechisms that founded a true Republic of Western beliefs and principles based on men of the wests fealty to God?
        Personally, I see the fight coming as an opportunity that come rarely in an age to right so many egregious wrongs, to reset the equation in favor if the dirt people. We get this chance, like none other not only to win, but to come out stronger and better for it like no other opportunity.
        And every day, as the oligarchy, the political class, and the Amerikan Nomenklaturer aka the deep state, create more and more people who realize there is something deeply wrong going down, they become people who think maybe it isn’t so bad there will be a big fight, it is how these things roll, and they join the resistance, they begin to realize they are men of the west. and they become self determining in their hearts and minds, and actions.
        There is great motive power in people who self determine, who will not bend a knee. It is part of the core of us men of the west, that indomitable will, our audacity. It can not be denied.

  14. There are an estimated 270 million to 310 million guns in the USA. Soros is going to have really reach deep into his coffers if he wants to match that.

  15. I’VE NOT POSTED HERE IN FOREVER. IM GONNA SAY SOMETHING IF YOU AGREE FINE IF NOT FINE. BLOOD WILL HAVE TO BE SJED. ANY MAN THAT WILL HAND IN HIS GUNS YOU MAY AS WELL TAKE YOUR LIFE BECAUSE YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. IM 50 STARTED FISHIN 3 HUNTING 6. I REMEMBER ASKING MY GRANDFATHER WHAT THOSE METALS WERE AT ABOUT 8 HE SAID WW2. WHATS THAT WAR BOMBS BLOOD MEN WomEN DIE I remember saying will I have to go to war we ribbed my head said I hope not child. But if you do given everydamn thing you got. I promised I’d make him proud. You see we’ve been lied to our entire lives I am Christian Baptist. Ever since Washington free masonry was introduced to our 1st Pres. The triangles eyes Zionist, Allumanati. The Pope that’s in now. If your atheist don’t care or believe when the false prophet ask you to convert and take the chip in your hand you probably will. There is a training facility in TN Isis. Not worried about Isis and don’t care for diseased canalbilized kuru diseased Hillary. IM A PROUD LEO WARRIOR SURVIVING. THATS ARE INSTINCT. When the leftist start RALLYIN AT TALLADEGA ON RACE WEEKEND HA HA TRAINWRECK.

    • I would say we all agree that bloodshed is a possibility, even a probability. We are just doing out best to provide an alternative, but if fighting is forced on us, we will be ready.

  16. Let’s keep this in perspective. Berkeley Antifa are trust fund commies. No one is in a fight to the death with them, because they are not capable of such a fight, thankfully.
    They should NOT be crushed and defeated. They should be stood down continuously by ragtag groups of brave Americans fighting for free speech. Sort of like Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling when I was a kid.
    When you have the perfect enemy, keep them around. Better Antifa than serious bolsheviks. Maybe we should start a Gofundme for their trust funds.

  17. Theo – I agree that among the Right there are people like you, as you described yourself above. But I also think the Right is littered with cowards and quislings. That’s why the Left has misread. They don’t think there are that many “Quigley’s” left among the Right. I’m of the opinion they are half correct.
    Part of the issue for the Right is it, as a whole, is not quite sure what it stands for anymore. Without any absolutes, it fails to act.

  18. The left is not misreading anything.
    They are trying to provoke a violent response via ANTIFA knowing the MSM propaganda machine will condemn the Right as Nazis.
    If the Right takes the bait, they will instantly loose the “hearts and minds” campaign the same as the South did at Ft. Sumner.
    The Right MUST allow the Left to begin the fight.

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