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It has been quite a show in Washington, DC these past few weeks. Really, since the election last November, when it became clear that Trump had won, the bugs and vermin that have infested the capitol city began scurrying. Where? Who knows. And that is the point. They do not know what to do.
First, we saw the whole “recount” debacle. Jill Stein instigated a recount in PA, MI, and WI. Those are all states that Trump narrowly won. States not included? MN, NH, NV. Those are states that Trump narrowly lost. To say the recount was anything besides a brazen attempt to overthrow the election results is a lie, and an idiotic one at that. Now, it is possible that Jill Stein was simply scamming the public, lining her own pockets with the money raised. Or maybe there were power players behind the scenes that prompted it. Without a doubt, the establishment is terrified of Trump. The actual recount fizzled out, but it was an attempt to keep him from office.
Then, we endured the “faithless electors.” There were massive movements to prompt those serving as electors in Trump states to either vote for Clinton, regardless of the fact that Trump had carried the popular vote in their states, or to at least vote for some one else besides Trump. In the end, there were a few faithless electors. Trump lost two votes, when one Texas elector voted for John Kasich and another for Ron Paul. Interestingly, Clinton lost even more. Another plan, pushed by the establishment, failed to stop Trump’s move to the presidency.
On inauguration day, protests erupted, and have really continued since then, waxing and waning with each day. Some days, we are inundated with bizarre “Nasty woman” comments, and the next we see people burning down Berkeley. Of course, at this point, we have no idea how this will all play out, but my suspicion is that they will have no effect, either.
This past week, the establishment pushed for, and got, the removal of Gen. Mike Flynn from his position as National Security Advisor. While some have hailed this as the first blow to Trump, I see it differently. Trump’s decision to have Flynn removed had nothing to do with outside pressure, and everything to do with his demand for absolute loyalty in his cabinet. If we have learned anything about Trump, it is that he does not care what others say about him. Sure, he might tweet a response, but when it comes to his actual policy and actions, he does what he thinks is best, regardless of what others want. Flynn is gone because Trump decided that was the best option, due to Flynn’s lack of honesty and transparency within the administration. Period.
The latest scream from the moronic Democrats is to call for an investigation into Trump’s mental fitness to be president. They are suggesting that they could use the 25th Amendment to the Constitution to remove him from office. More grasping at straws, rather than actually serving the people who elected them. If the politicians would put as much effort into actually doing something productive, they might be useful. Of course, they are not.

Crazed Protestor

Now, I expect the Democrats to throw a hissy fit. They are basically children anyway. They have cobbled together a coalition of victim groups, hippies, and other malcontents. Acting like babies is about all they know. I also expect the judiciary to be slanted to the left. Over the past 24 years, we have had Democratic presidents for 16 of them. While George W Bush was in the White House for 8 years, his track record at nominating judges was spotty, at best. So what are seeing from the left is what we should expect to see.
The real issue is with the congressional Republicans. What is becoming abundantly clear is that the establishment Republicans, and that is most of them, with only a few exceptions, are playing the game the way they  have always played it. Poorly. They are playing by the Democratic rules, just as they have done for our entire lives. They do not know how to win. They do not really want to enact meaningful change. They are focused only on getting lobbyist dollars in their bank accounts, and accruing more power for themselves. They do not care about the American people, unless that care helps them personally.
So along comes Trump, who has blown it all up. He is bypassing the leftist media, speaking directly to the American people. If you are not following him on Twitter, and checking out the live Youtube streams, then you are missing out. No longer do we have to get information that has been filtered through the press. Now, we can get it directly from Trump himself. Seriously, look up the White House Youtube channel.  You can watch press briefings, speeches, and more as they happen.
Those same Republicans that have been pretending to advance and support those issues that matter to most Americans are caught in a quandary. Do they keep doing what they have always done and chance on missing out in the changing future? Or do they learn to play the game by the new rules that Trump has brought? Unfortunately, most of them are still clinging to the failed system of the past (like Sen. John “I am crazy” McCain). Only a few have boldly bought into Trump’s new methods of winning (Sen. Ted Cruz, for example). Maybe the old dogs realize that they are in too deep into the establishment. Maybe they just are too dumb to see the writing on the wall. Either way, those folks need to be gone. In 2018, the American people need to remove them from office, with a vengeance. They need to be voted out during the next election cycle, and in some extreme cases, even recalled now by their home states.
The old game is gone. Washington is now Trump’s to shape. He is doing exactly that. It is a new game, and smart politicians will learn to play.

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