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Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this article stated that Milo was not a Christian. It has come to our attention that he is, in fact, a Roman Catholic. As such, we have reworded our comments below to reflect that new information and to make the larger point that, like the rest of us, he is in the midst of his own personal struggle. It is not our call to decide who or who is not a Christian, and so while we may comment on his lifestyle, we will not dispute his status as a Roman Catholic.
Recently Milo Yiannopoulis has come under fire for “defending pedophilia”. This is a manufactured political hit against someone who threatens the status quo. It was even warned about the day before it happened on a /pol. Milo is not a Man of The West. He does not live a Christian lifestyle, he is not married, or a father. He can never be anything more than a cheerleader in this fight. Nevertheless he is an ally. He has been helping to fight the good fight, and this attack proves that he packs a good punch. So we will defend him unless he proves to be an enemy.
In the highly edited video that the Reagan Brigade posted, Milo is giving an interview. He had already achieved enough of a “celebrity” status that media people were curious about what he might have to say. No sane person who markets themselves as a conservative, or alt-right, or alt-light, or whatever-right would attempt to defend pedophilia. Even in the highly edited video, it is apparent that Milo is not defending pedophilia, but criticizing the over regulation of sex in our current political climate. The sort of regulations that cause teens to get arrested for child porn by possessing nude pictures…of themselves.
He does make an off-color joke about his being molested by a priest, but that is as close as the clip comes to defending pedophilia. The part that is attacked most is his criticism of Age of Consent laws. What is excluded in the clip is Milo’s statement that he believes 16 years is “about right”. There are about 30 US states that agree with him, as well as several countries like Canada. This just isn’t what his attackers say it is.
Now, having said all that, it doesn’t escape my attention that all of this mess came out from his statement about Age of Consent laws impeding older men from helping younger men become gay. Milo himself admits to losing his virginity at the age of 13 to an older man. (which is an odd way to describe rape.  Milo has not yet come to grips with the fact that he was raped as a child by an adult man.  Understanding this is critical to understanding this whole situation. – ed)  I believe that Milo will rise above this attack, and continue to confound the left, but this issue will ultimately be the line in the sand, and why despite his popularity and influence, he is just a cheerleader.
It is time for homosexuality to go back in the closet, as Milo has said himself.
For decades, the gay lobby pushed the Happy Feet narrative that homosexuals just wanted to be free to love in their own way. This is an observable lie as this despicable lifestyle is repeatedly shoved in your face. It is pure hedonism. Having a make out protest in front of Trump Tower, where gays show up to have a kissing orgy isn’t love, and isn’t anything close to a normal relationship. Little boys in Daisy Duke shorts twerking at gay pride parades is an abomination.
Now, I’m not suggesting that we try to legislate morality. Muslims often outlaw homosexuality, but then give each other a wink and a nod as they rape little boys. But homosexuality should carry a social stigma. It should not be celebrated. It should only be discussed clinically and with compassion, like all mental disorders.   Homosexuality is a mental illness.  It is a symptom of brokenness, often the result of sexual abuse.   We do not celebrate cancer.  We fight it.  We do not hate cancer victims.  We help them.
With that in mind, we believe that Milo will ultimately need to deal with this issue. As our purpose is to reclaim our Western Culture, that means helping those who need support to reach their potential. We offer Milo our support and help in facing his demons and carrying the fight to the other side.

Donner Schwanze is a Traditional Christian with Traditional values. He has had a tough life and has worked hard for everything he has. As a Father and a Husband, Donner will do whatever it takes to defend his God, his nation, and his family.


  1. Eh, you had me me right up to “It should not be celebrated. It should only be discussed clinically and with compassion, like all mental disorders.”
    That formulation entirely removes Milo. He doesn’t exist after that in any recognizable form. We support him, as long as he stops being Milo?
    He really does have to process what happened to him at 13, though.

    • There are people who’ve overcome homosexuality. They retain who they are. But you bring up an interesting point, in that so much of the homosexual’s identify is tied up in their sexuality only supports that it is a mental disorder. If you became a monk, or became castrated, or a widower, you would still be you.

    • A man need not be defined by his sin. Straight milo may be hard for you to imagine. But he is not hard for me to imagine. Milo would have made a great Man of the West. A great Father… a great Husband. Instead… he was raped multiple times by multiple men. The effects of that… are not easy to calculate. I would suggest however that everything you see from Milo is a persona build up as a direct result from that. And as great as that persona is… it hides a much greater man beneath.

      • This.
        First, every one of us here admits that we are sinners. We all have our struggles. They are not Milo’s struggles, and his are not ours. Yet we are all in need of the salvation found in Christ alone.
        Having said that, Milo, as he currently exists, has done some good things. He has pushed back some of the ugliness from the left, raised awareness of important things. At the same time, his full potential will never be achieved, as he currently is. As Lector has said, he is broken due to his past experiences and has not yet come to terms with that. If he ever does, and I sincerely pray that he does, he could become much, much more than he is now.

        • “s Lector has said, he is broken due to his past experiences and has not yet come to terms with that. If he ever does, and I sincerely pray that he does, he could become much, much more than he is now.”
          I pray that we find out.

  2. “Milo is not a Man of The West. He is not Christian, he is not married, or a father.”
    Do you say Milo is not a Christian while knowing that he claims to be a (bad) Roman Catholic? The continued gay lifestyle is definitely wrong and sinful; would like to understand how “not a Christian” is meant here, and how those lines are drawn by the author and this blog.
    Quick link that examines some of Milo’s stances and statements:

    • No, I didn’t actually know that he professes Roman Catholicism. But it needs to be said that simply acknowledging God and Christ do not a Christian make. There is more to the religion than forgiveness of sin. In fact there is no forgiveness of sin without repentance. And that is what makes a Christian. It is an impossible task to be sure, but it means striving to do away with sin.

      • Thanks for the responses and clarification. The fruit of a gay lifestyle is certainly not of Christ.
        I see more faith in Milo than that of a cultural Christian who has good feelings about church and wants to keep it around because it means material goodies and stability in this life.
        I’d call him a Christian with a definite need of repentance; even as I need to root out the beams in my own eye. In any case, we stand together, and may God continue the redemption of Milo and us all.

    • it is not our job to judge Milo. Donner worded this pretty strongly… stronger than I would have. But I didn’t write it. and we are not in the business of watering down what our Men have to say.

      • We are certainly not to judge his soul, but his actions are fair game.
        He remains an unrepentant sodomite and his public admission and revelations in graphic detail of his sexual behavior are scandalous at best.
        As such, he should never be a prop or a tool of conservatives to appear to be on the cool team. Flamboyantly gay conservatives not only turn off 99% of other conservatives, they turn off 99% of everyone.
        That said, I do pity him. There is no doubt he was horribly abused and lured down a dark, dark path, and I do pray he turns around and follows the Light he already sees back to sanity.
        He has said publically that at least one of his abusers was a Catholic priest.

  3. Well written.
    I see Milo’s homosexuality simply as another aspect of our sinful nature. I just happen not to have that particular affliction, but god knows we all have plenty wrong with all of us.

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