On Personal Revelation

November 14, 2016
If, like me, you were exposed to Churchianity early in life, and rejected it for the insane nonsense that it is, you will have started out as some kind of nominal atheist. If

Beast Life QA

November 13, 2016
Question: How do you make time for working out? Answer: You just do. Some people make time for video games. Some people make time for hours of mindless TV every night. You

Aquinas' Five Ways

November 13, 2016
By Boethius I’m not an expert on Aquinas. Any faults about his Ways are mine, not the good Doctor’s. This is a quick overview of his more famous arguments for the existence

The Great Scramble

November 12, 2016
On Monday, the vast majority of pollsters and pundits confidently proclaimed that Donald Trump had almost no chance of being elected. They laughingly said that it would take a perfect storm of

Attention Spans

November 10, 2016
Donald Trump’s victory is generally seen in a positive light by Men of the West. Certainly, there are things about the man that we do not like. He has some policies that

Cable News is Reality TV

November 10, 2016
It’s one thing to hear stories about the news media creating their own narrative.  It’s another when you see it in action.  I know Americans love to watch cable news, and we’re

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