Let's Invite the Afrikaners Over – part 1

November 17, 2016
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Editor’s Note: This is part 1 of this discussion. In future installments, we will focus on specifics, both regarding the history, current situation and future objectives. In those future articles, we will attempt to flesh out this proposal in detail.
Look closely at the image above. Imagine the horror of living in a society where White Farmers are 2 1/2 times more likely to be murdered than the police, and 4 1/3 times more likely than an average citizen. One estimate puts South African murders at nearly 24,000 per year, between the years of 1990-2009. Another site indicates that murder rates are continually increasing, year after year. While making up approximately 9% of the South African population, nearly 40% of murder victims are white. For more gruesome information on this ongoing genocide, you can visit this site. There, just follow the embedded links, but be warned. There are some pictures that are horrific and unsettling.
So how did this all come about? Why are these White South Africans being slaughtered and abused? Sadly, most Americans are not really aware of how the situation developed, and know little about South African history, beyond some vague notions that Nelson Mandela was sent by God to save all the oppressed Black folk, and helped to end a racist and corrupt White Minority government 20 years ago. The reality is much more complex.
In the 17th century, Dutchman began to colonize the southern tip of Africa. The Dutch East India Company was chartered in 1602, and within a  half century had established an viable outpost in South Africa. This is in the time period of extensive European Colonization, with the Dutch colonization of Africa occurring concurrently with the English settlement of North America (Jamestown in 1607). At that time, the region was sparsely populated by native Africans, and these new settlers set out conquering the land. In short order, they had begun to harness the natural resources of South Africa, and to wrestle a civilization out of the wilderness.
Eventually, the British came to rule the region, but the Boers, as these Dutchmen came to be called, did not easily submit to foreign control. In fact, in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries, they fought the British in two separate wars, defending their sovereignty. While they eventually lost the military conflict, their hardiness and tenacity endured.
Throughout the 20th Century, the Boers, often referred to as Afrikaners, seized political control, as British influence waned. This led to the establishment of the Apartheid government. While condemned by many, that government actually led to a stable society that was bringing growth and prosperity to the people of South Africa. In fact, not only the European-descending citizens enjoyed this improving situation, but the Black Africans did as well. Since there are strong feelings and attitudes regarding the Apartheid period, this will be covered in more detail in a later article, where we will address both the good and the bad elements of that system.
kill-boerOf course, in 1994, the situation changed. Blacks were able to assume political control, and immediately began to punish the White inhabitants. These punitive policies not only damaged the lives of the Afrikaners, but the whole nation.
What had once been a civilized society, nearing first world status, was reduced to rubble, racked with poverty, violence, and disease.
The vast majority of the Afrikaners have historically worked in the farming industry, and provided food and wealth to their country. Now, they face violent attacks at home, with little hope of any sort of police protection. In the words of an Afrikaner, who now works to survive in his ancestral home:

Many whites are falling through the cracks created by the blatant anti-white discrimination, ending up in squatter camps. …White South Africans [should be] recognized as a refugee status population due to the racist government policies directed against us.

Another states:

for many, the situation is already pretty dire.

Many men and women of this noble race are being systematically eradicated, either killed outright, or forced to live in squalid conditions. Blacks often march with banners proclaiming such horrific entreaties as “The Honeymoon is over for the Whites” and “Kill them like they killed us.” Genocide Watch (GW) has declared South Africa to be in Stage 6 Genocide. The victims of this threatened genocide, according to GW? Whites, Boers.
Now, normally, we consider Western Culture to be a European construct, and Africa is clearly not part of that equation. In this case, however, we can clearly see that those early Dutch settlers carried their European religion, culture, and society with them and carved out a niche of Western Civilization in a hostile environment. These men were Men of the West in the truest sense. Their descendants have carried that tradition forward, and they still exhibit those characteristics that a Man of the West holds most dear.
With that in mind, I propose a radical solution to the problem of their ongoing persecution. There is no doubt that we Men of the West oppose immigration from regions that are antithetical to western cultural ideals. With this group of Afrikaners, we find a body of men (and women) that embody the very fabric of Western Culture. They are Christian. They are independently minded. They are resourceful and self-sufficient. They are the kind of immigrants that the United States needs, if it hopes to recover the culture that is quickly eroding. They would help counteract the negative impact of immigrants who are  hostile to our culture and way of life.
In 2013, over 40 million residents of the United States were foreign born. In total, there are approximately 2.5 million Afrikaners. Therefore, I call for an immediate invitation to these wonderful people, offering them sanctuary in the United States. We would not have to worry about them living off of public welfare – I already pointed out that they are self-sufficient and resourceful. In short order, they would find their place in our society, without the ever-present dangers they currently face in South Africa.
Assuredly, many would choose to remain in Africa, as is their right. But many would “grab such an opportunity with both hands” as one Afrikaner told me.
So let us give careful consideration to this proposal. Not only could we use our immigration policies to strengthen the fabric of our society for a change, but we could offer aid and support to our fellow Men of the West.
Let us invite our Afrikaner brothers to share with us in our struggle to save Western Culture. They have experience, tenacity, and gifts that can help us. It is a win-win proposition.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. My contacts from amongst their group indicate that many would be more than willing. They fear for their families.

  2. Has anybody contacted the Trump administration about this yet? Because there’s no way the current administration will let them in.

  3. Please let them emigrate to Florida… Similar climate, favorable gun laws and stand your ground. We need the genetics they bring!

    • Cape Town being on the West Coast, we have a tradition of drinking sundowner cocktails. If we move to Florida, I’d have to start drinking cocktails in the morning. Which maybe isn’t such a bad thing 🙂

  4. I’m pretty fine with this. I do think they should leave Africa, it is not white man territory, it is not tamed like America is. To a point

  5. It appears to be Zimbabwe all over again. Kill all the white farmers, give the land away and starve to death.

  6. Speaking from personal experience: They’ve been coming here since the ANC took over. DHS has been restricting visas being issued to them for a while though. There aren’t many fighters left among them, which is why they are fleeing. But they are self-sufficient and resourceful. As far as immigrants go, they are good ones to invite. Their youth are just as corrupted by western “pop-culture” as our youth are, though.
    Their plight at the hands of the Communists is terrible, and I think they deserve refugee status here in the US more than most other groups could claim to. It’s only getting worse there.
    I wouldn’t expect them to get involved in “the cause” once they are here, though. They are insular and tribal as most other immigrant groups tend to be, and will take care of their own.

    • Speaking from my personal experience: Much of what you say is true, and the goal of this series is to help open the door for them to come here (or even to Europe, which is also happening to some extent) more than is currently available.
      The thing I would disagree with is the depth of insularity. Now, certainly, they are to some extent, and most groups are, but they are also willing to interact and develop relationships with like-minded folks. I am not Afrikaner (and not even Dutch at all), but have good friends who are.
      So all of that to say, that I generally agree with your observations, but do think they are more willing to be involved than you believe.

    • This is probably true of my fellow countrymen, but I’ve been on the Trump Train from the start. I’d love nothing more than to stand shoulder to shoulder with the American friends I’ve made as we push back the SJW’s.

  7. I remember when one of the things the hippies did was try to get boycotts going against companies that did business in SA. To me, that just seemed like cutting off one’s nose to spite the faces of the folks you say you are trying to save from the evil corporate white people.
    The other case of apartheid that has going on since the time of the conquistadors is Mexico. The Spanish have been holding that nation hostage forever. Now with drug cartels and all the poverty, we seem to be slowly getting dragged right into it.
    But I love your idea of helping the SA whites. They certainly need it.

  8. My thanks to the author of this site for his concern towards the only white tribe on the continent of Africa. As for inviting the members of this tribe to your blessed country, yes, some will come, but not all.
    Rwanda had apparitions of the virgin Mary at a place called Kibeho. It happened in 1982, and those apparitions foretold the genocide of 1994.
    Now consider South Africa where seers and prophets have been warning of a genocide for over a century.
    Something worse is coming.
    A racial war is coming to South Africa, a Mfekane, and it will be different from all the bloodshed on the rest of the continent. For here it will be white against black; liberal democratic leftism against the right; those who would walk the paths progress against those who wish return to the old ways.
    The animosities at your ballot boxes, in your legislatures, and in front of your juries, will be a real battlefield somewhere in the beloved country.
    It will be a war that calls in the poets, the dreamers, the ideologues, the fanatics, the desperate and the depraved … just as Spain did from 1936 until 1939.
    And when that war erupts, I hope that you will come, and sign your name to a document ending with these words :
    “Should, however, the annexation be persevered in, and the spilling of blood be proceeded with by you, we, subject to the will of God, will bow to our fate, and to the last man combat against the injustice and violence done to us, and throw entirely on your shoulders the responsibility of all the miseries which will befall this country.”
    [from a letter wriiten to Genl George Pomeroy Colley in February 1881. He was later killed at the battle of Majuba Hill]
    And when that war ends, we hope that you will stay.

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