Physical conditioning: Walking, part two

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After my first article it seemed a quick follow-up was in order.
Specifically the complaint that walking is boring.
Running is boring. That “runner’s high” the mentally deranged babble on about? It’s really your body dying and your brain trying to keep you from panicking as you slip away from this vale of tears and sorrow to receive your eternal reward.
Walking, on the other hand, pushes your slackself into motion and you can enjoy the scenery. Bonus, you don’t have to wonder if your lungs are going to stay where they belong.
If you are struggling because you find even walking boring, and otherwise fine and upstanding gentlemen seem to be plagued with such notions, I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Walk with someone. Best friend, wife, girlfriend, mistress, arch nemesis, kids, pets, someone besides yourself.
  2. Walk outside whenever possible. Indoor walking should be done infrequently. It makes a world of difference. Get it? World? Never mind. Just go outside.
  3. Can’t get anyone else to go with you? Bring a mp3 player and listen to books or other audio that engages the brain.
  4. Practice situational awareness. Be Code Yellow. Notice things. Take a pad of paper or phone and take notes if that helps.
  5. Along with four, take pictures. You don’t need to share them. In fact unless you have a noticeable talent, please don’t. After you get back, write down what you remember then compare with the pictures.
  6. Suck it up, buttercup. You aren’t doing this for entertainment but to lay a foundation so when civilization is brought to its knees by Ming the Merciless, you can hold your head up high and walk to the nearest Super-Duper Mart and loot the place for bottlecaps.

We’re a soft nation. This will be a problem when the structures that allow us to be soft are removed. Don’t be caught completely unready. Start somewhere and walking is a good foundational skill.

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