Student Loan Debt, Redux

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Lately, the Democrats have started agitating for the removal of student loan debt.  Crazy Bernie wants to straight up cancel all 1.6 Trillion of it, whereas Fauxahantas merely wants to cancel 95% of student loan debt.  It’s been obvious this has been coming for a long time – we had a weeklong series of articles on it in November 2018.  You can read our thoughts on the student loan situation here.  What we have here is a case where the Democrats are trying to one up each other in order to bribe millenials who were sold a false bill of goods for their votes.
It’s a problem that has to be dealt with.  The federal college spending extravaganza has to come to an end – but that only stops the spread of the disease; it doesn’t start to cure the infection.  And it’s not a case of Stupid Millenials getting degrees in underwater basket weaving and expecting to make six figures.  The millenial generation was told to go to college and get a degree.  Any degree would open doors for them.  The expense?  It doesn’t matter, a college degree is a license to print money.  But things have changed.  The only question we have now is whether or not the millenials are going to let these con men pull the wool over their eyes again.
But, in order for that to happen, the Right needs to step up and address the problem.  Unfortunately, the best first step was repealing Obamacare and scrapping the federal meddling in student loans.  But the traitor John McCain stopped that from happening.  So, at this point it’s a battle of ideas.  But it’s a battle of ideas that has to be fought.  We have to deal with this problem decisively, and we have to make it abundantly clear that we are in no way fooled about whose fault it is.  This problem was created through an unholy alliance of the US Federal Government, Banks, and Colleges/Universities, which is what Crazy Bernie and Lieawatha both conveniently leave out of their plans.  They want to increase the government meddling.  They want the Universities to pay no price for handing out worthless sheets of paper and admitting students who can barely read or write.   And that is the greatest crime in this entire endeavor.  The universities who know that some students simply do not have the academic clout to make it through 4 years of school admit them anyway because they can get a student loan.  Then, they are saddled with student loan debt and no degree, or student loan debt and a worthless degree.
Reagan had it right when he wanted to abolish the Department of Education.  Draining the swamp starts there.  But the Republicans are too timid and cowardly to address the issues.  We have to hope that Donald Trump – the man who famously says whatever is on his mind – has the guts to deal with the issue.  Because the discontent that has been sown here, and make no mistake, it was designed and long plotted, is intended to push the country into left wing government take overs.
On the left, we have jackals who are playing with people’s lives for their own political gain.  On the right, we have cowards who won’t stop the jackals lest they either be labeled heartless or racist.  May God have mercy on us, because we need His wisdom and guidance to get out of this mess.


  1. Different people, different degrees, different situations, different loans… so there has to be a set of solutions, different for the situations, in order to provide incentives for desirable behavior. Make those who benefit from college (both the educated and the institutions) have skin in the game. Make the system harder to game or abuse, and doesn’t give the wealthy with good connections a free ride on the backs of others.
    Some ideas:
    1) Bankruptcy can’t wash it away, but as long as you make some regular payments it ends interest accumulation, so you only have to repay the principle.
    2) Better support for the trades and apprenticeships.
    3) End government backed loans for any non-technical degrees, or any university that doesn’t allow / encourage military recruitment.
    4) No loans to any university with more administrators than full time faculty.
    5) No bailout for non-citizens.
    6) MAGA – no bailouts or loans to any university with more than 20% foreign student body.
    7) Expand the GI bill.
    8) Better loan bailout deal for people with technical or STEM degrees obtain in 4 years who are married to non-criminal 4th-or-more generation American citizen spouse and have children with said spouse.
    9) better bailout / forgiveness deals for people who commit to staying in low-density areas and flyover country.
    Just a few thoughts off the top of my head.

    • Most of those would work. We just need to avoid letting people’s lives be ruined because the Government meddled in something it had no business in.

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