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box-squat1Today we are going to talk about the box squats. “But I already do squats, and they are brutal!” You might say. My response is DO IT FAGGOT! Box Squats are a great way to fill out your leg day. If you’re doing dead lifts, by which I mean you’re aren’t being a crybaby or a lazy ass, you may be over training your power train in comparison to your quads. If you feel like during your squats your legs want to straighten out before your back, then this is the case. Box squats will help even this out.
The box squats is performed the same way as a regular squat, except you sit on a fucking box at the bottom. Yes, the creativity in weight lifting names is truly awe-inspiring. If you don’t have a box that will make your legs parallel when siting, find a bench.
You will want to use a weight about 20-30℅ lighter than your regular squat to begin with. And as always, warm up first. When you get to the box, you should be fully paused and resting. This is the point of the exercise. It starts the positive portion from scratch, without being able to bounce off of the compressed energy in your hands and glutes from the negative. This forces you to shift your balance forward to your quads to get up, which helps train them better.

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    • This series is mostly geared toward getting people started. In that vein, box squats are a better suppliment to begin with.

  1. Have I mentioned how much I curse you everytime I am lifting?
    Thanks for your suggestions and encouragement. It is making a difference.

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