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It is Christmas in January.   To be a Great American this past week has been like waking every morning to open up new awesome presents in the form of executive orders you have dreamed about getting.  Monday we got a hiring freeze on federal workers, an order that gutted Obamacare, and another order that killed the TPP.  Tuesday we got the Keystone and Dakota pipelines and an order that requires them to be made with American steel.  What will we get today, Wednesday the 25th?
Who knows?  That’s part of the fun.
The rumor is today is Wall Day.   We are all very excited for Wall Day.  But for just a moment lets look back at the last 48 hours.  Because we are seeing true, ruthless genius.  Donald Trump has not destroyed the old ways.  He has invented new ways… and redirected the old ways to serve him all the while.   Donald Trump has set out a blistering pace of executive orders to accomplish all this.  And that pace alone as stunned the press and left them unable to sufficiently adjust and cover his actions.  But the speed is only one prong of his strategy.  The President is employing a brilliant two pronged strategy in dealing with the press and if you aren’t paying attention you will miss it.  Just like they do.
The first prong is the speed.  The second is the way he has changed the role of the Press Secretary.
Previously the White House Press Secretary has been the primary means of messaging for the White House.  Getting the White House spin out there is his job.   This is not the case with Trump.   In this administration the White House Press Secretary is now the Official Press Distraction Monkey.
Lets look back at Monday.  While Trump was gutting Obamacare and driving nails into the coffin of TPP… what was the press covering?   They were writing about the Press Distraction Monkey who was railing at them about crowd size.
Tuesday when Trump was approving Keystone and Dakota…  what was the press covering?  The pipeline stories?  No.  They were writing about Illegal Immigrants voting.  Because the Official Press Distraction Monkey said the only reason Hillary won was because so many illegals voted for her.
We are seeing political genius at work.
The man has sent his Press Monkey out to fling ejectus at the press… while he is basically walking around the capital with a flame thrower.   And rather than write about the President and his torch… the Press is busy telling everyone that the poo flinging monkey is flinging poo.
And consider this.  Trump very much enjoys playing the press for fools.  With all the reports of the supposed immigration orders today… don’t be surprised if Trump does something completely different.  And then sends his Press Monkey out to rail at the press for falsely reporting claims about the immigration orders that didn’t happen.  He can always make Thursday Wall Day.


  1. It appears you are misinformed. The repeal of Obamacare and the pipeline approvals have been flooding the news. How could you have missed it? The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The LA Times were all over these issues. They trended on Twitter. The majority of Americans are horrified that millions of citizens will lose their health insurance. While cleaner, environmental-friendly energy solutions are now possible and economically competitive, this administration is moving backwards, promoting dirty energy. The pipelines are planned to go through pristine areas and any accident can pollute water supplies quickly.

  2. “While cleaner, environmental-friendly energy solutions are now possible and economically competitive,”
    Go ahead and ride your bicycle.

  3. Today’s NYT:
    Wall. Mexico and the Wall. Doomsday clock. Trump is lying. GOP is scared. Trump is lying. OMG! ZOO ANIMALS!
    ZERO pipeline, TPP, Obamacare articles.
    Let’s scroll down:
    Wait! There is one about the pipeline! Way below the digital fold. And it’s your standard “Well, there might be something good, but probably not” article.
    You should move to Mexico. I’m sure they are more worried about Obamacare than the NYT is.

  4. Analysis: True. Maneuver Warfare makes liberal use of feints. And guys like Bannon know exactly what do do with them. While Conway woks behind the scenes to keep people on message (surprisingly hard job), and can come out herself as a larger press distraction if needed (because deserved campaign victory cred, and vague “special adviser” title is like black – it goes with anything).
    Need to amp up the distraction, or pincer them with distractions? Roll out Ivanka! Beyond that? Hey, there’s always Twitter…
    It’s not just that Spicer is a distraction, it’s that he’s only THE FIRST LINE of distraction.

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