The Truth Field

June 1, 2023
3 mins read

Editor’s Note: We heard from our old friend, The Chainsaw of Truth. You might remember a few other posts we have shared from him. He sends us the following, and we highly recommend that you check it out. The first part is an explanation of what is being shared, followed by an interactive Prezi presentation.

Over the last few years I have been watching Christian apologetics videos from organizations like Answers in Genesis and Northwest Creation Network, as well as several independent Christian speakers in various scientific fields.  This has been an integral part of my growth as a Christian and my pursuit of truth.  It has served as an effective means to replace the lies I was taught by secularists with the truth of the Bible by Christian scientists, researchers and theologians.

The presentation I put together, called The Truth Field, is a culmination of the last five years of watching YouTube videos on topics ranging from cosmology to genetics, archeology to geology, morality to health, history  to language and from short sermons to full length movie reproductions of books in the Bible.  The intention of this presentation is three-fold:

  1. It is a direct challenge and rebuttal to the secularist teachings of evolution and millions and billions of years – two concepts that have undermined the Word of God for 150 years and counting.  Most of my friends and family members are secularists and simply do not know that what they believe are failed theories at best, and satanic lies at worst.  So this presentation is a tool I can give to them when they are ready to begin their own pursuit of truth. 
  2. Second, I intend this to be used by Christian families to strengthen their faith, particularly the faith of their children.  Something like 75% of young Christians that go to college stop going to church, and few return.  This is largely due to the fact that they have no rational way to refute the secularist challenge that the Bible is a fairy-tale.  The topics in this presentation not only fully support the Bible, they completely undermine the nonsense theories put forth by secularists – and when I say completely, I mean the theories put forth by these Christian scientists and researchers are complete in their scope and soundly based on the evidence we observe on Earth, inside the solar system, and within the universe at large.  People who watch even a few of these videos will feel no need to be embarrassed for believing the Earth is young and a global flood wiped everything out about 4,400 years ago. 
  3. The third intention of the presentation is that it is copied, modified, added to, expanded upon, and tailored for specific events by those who have audiences to share it with.  One of the features of Prezi is that every public presentation can serve as a template that is free to be edited by anyone with a Prezi account.  The tools are simple to use and they have great resources on their website to rapidly get people up to speed using them.  However, there is a severe limitation, and that is that the links to the YouTube videos do not work on phones.  I’m not sure why this is, or if Prezi intends to address this, or maybe I’m simply missing something, but my iPhone with Safari and Chrome simply will not recognize the links.  So as it stands now, the presentation must be performed on a desktop or laptop computer.  The only workaround I can offer for phones is a link to the full YouTube video playlist of 120 videos that is set up in the same order as the presentation.

Well that’s a long introduction for a presentation, but like I said, it’s a culmination of five years of my own pursuit of truth, so it takes some time to explain it justly.  If God wills this presentation to be used to serve his purposes on a larger scale, then it will.  Either way it was a good exercise for me to put it all together and I can use it in my household as a teaching tool, which is enough for me.

Here are the links to the Prezi presentation and the YouTube playlist.  I have also embedded into the presentation links to a Mega account I have so the videos can be downloaded or played directly from as a backup should the YouTube links break. – for computers – for phones (YouTube playlist only, not the presentation)

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