Trump Is Right (Again)

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Unless you have been living in a Hippy Commune or hiking through the Amazon Rainforest,  you have heard the repeated cries from the left that Trump is deranged. He is dangerous. This frenzy  had been exacerbated the last couple of weeks, as the President has taken his message directly to the people, bypassing the failing Main Stream Media. One of the key complaints from the wounded media is that they say Trump continually says false statements, implying that their own message is more truthful and reliable. Of course, the people disagree. Want another look at how much America dislikes the media? Check this out.
But is Trump really giving bad info to the people? Is the Media really telling us the truth? Don’t make me laugh. Of course not. Like always, they are lying through their teeth.
Here is a simple and clear example. Remember when Trump said that we needed to have an investigation into voter fraud? He posited that if illegal votes were removed from the equation, then he most likely won the popular vote, as well as the electoral. Of course, the media jumped on this as an example of Trump’s derangement.
Now, there is no doubt that voter fraud took place, despite what the media has said. Project Veritas produced several  undercover videos that proved that the Democrats were gaming the system, bussing in out of state voters, instigating riots to intimidate Trump voters, and more. Of course, none of those plans worked, and Trump won, but notice that the fraud definitely happened.
Not only that, but more and more reports are surfacing that voters did, indeed, vote illegally. A report out of Texas acknowledges that this happened during the recent election. It seems that in Detroit, there were more votes cast than there are registered voters.  Even before the election, there were reports that it is commonplace.

Journalists reacting to latest Trump comment

How does the Media react to these facts? They ignore reality and continue to push their narrative. They simply say, “Trump is wrong and probably crazy” and try to distract their quickly dwindling audience.
Trump does not let up. Last week, his advisor, Stephen Miller, was on ABC’s This Week and continued to press the facts: There is massive evidence of voter fraud.  Anyone want to guess who will be proved correct?
This is but one example where Trump is changing the culture in Washington, and by extension the country. He continues to point out the truth. As he does so, the media becomes increasingly irrelevant.
So fully expect them to come after him on a continual basis. They are fighting for their degenerate lives. That is their standard response. Luckily for us, Trump seems impervious to them. Let’s pray he continues to be.

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  1. “Remember when Trump said that we needed to have an investigation into voter fraud? ”
    MSM: “There’s no possible way there was any sort of voter fraud! Except by the Russians.”

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