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Occasionally, it is beneficial and appropriate to stop and take stock of where you are and what you are doing. It is easy, in our modern world, to get off track, lose focus, and pursue dead ends. So let’s look at what we here at Men of the West are doing, and why.
The very first post on this site, “Welcome to the Hard Right,” set the tone for what we want to accomplish. We value Western Civilization. We think it is the best civilization that has ever existed on our planet. Unfortunately, the culture inherent in our civilization has been failing for the past few generations.  We might disagree on when this degradation began, but we all agree that it is occurring. Those on the right, who claim to be “conservatives” have failed us. And yes, at one time or another, most of us here used to claim to be conservatives. No more. We do not want to conserve what currently exists. We want to yank our culture back to its fundamental roots. As Lector said in that article:

We are not the resistance. We are here to put those rules [of civilization] back where they belong. We are here to take back our birthrights. We are here to safeguard and rebuild Western Civilization.
We are the Takers.

Yes, we are. As such, we have tried to focus on various aspects of our culture that need to be retaken. Sometimes those discussions are general and give a bird’s eye view. Other times, they are specific and deal with one simple task. All such avenues of communication are important.  We look at establishing families and raising children. We talk about regaining our health and vitality. We write about the proper firearms (or other weapons and martial arts) that are appropriate for particular tasks. There have been quite a few posts on historical topics. Some articles deal with those barometers of culture: film and literature. Sports? Philosophy? Education? All covered. And most importantly, we argue that one must adhere to a Christian perspective.
But do those things help us? If the comments are any indication, some of these posts have struck a nerve. Sure, we get the occasional fly by moron who spouts nonsense in the comments. Some folks are not self-aware enough to realize that their personal hobby topic is not relevant or appropriate for this site. Generally, though, we see camaraderie developing there. We have had some readers reach out to us, offering to add their own expertise to our task. When those come in, we will investigate and accept those additions, when appropriate. So it seems that, for the most part, we are staying on target.
The next question to consider is whether our target is worth the trouble. We may all come our conclusions from different directions on that issue, but suffice it to say that we Men of the West do think it is a worthy topic. We are happy to offer what we have. We have no illusions. This is a website with articles. They are words on a screen (with occasional pictures and videos). We do not stop on these pages, but take all these things and put them into action in the real world.  A recent article on this very thing received some negative comments regarding the title, and that is fine, but the content is important and valuable. Personally, all I have to do is look at my children, who are beginning to enter adulthood, and realize that the world that is being left to them is not the world they should have. It should be better than it is. I would be no kind of man if I did not give my every effort to improve this world.
I think we have acquitted ourselves pretty well over these past few months. And I can promise you this – you haven’t seen anything yet.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


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