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Editor’s Note: Kurgan is one of our authors, and has given us some thought-provoking articles. He is also a good friend to many of us. It seems that there is a chance he could visit the USA in the near future. If you are interesting in helping this happen, watch the embedded video and follow the directions given there. Here is the link to the GoFundMe set up to help finance this trip.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. You gentlemen might want to read the Bible. Jesus said you die and then the judgement. There is no purgatory, that was a man made fantasy to raise funds through indulgences. Call no man father, and Jesus’s hatred of the Nicolaitins might be dead give aways also.

  2. It’s important to have patience with people so that they have time to process information and practice forgiveness.
    I am making an exception for you however. We don’t need anymore “Smart-Boy Theologians” doing the equivalent of a drive-bye with a water pistol. Your post serves no purpose other then to sow chaos.
    “You gentlemen might want to read the Bible.”
    Most folk around here have read it front to back several times over. Most of the writers here have formal training of some form or another. And yet here we have your arrogant ass telling us that we need to do that which we already do.
    “Jesus said you die and then the judgement. There is no purgatory, that was a man made fantasy to raise funds through indulgences”
    We don’t know if Purgatory exists or doesn’t. The Roman Catholics think
    It does, the Orthodox think it doesn’t. Neither can confirm nor deny because nobody can physically determine if exists. What we can determine is this particular discussion is well above your pay grade and not going to get settled until the Latins and Greeks settle the schism and hold a council on the subject.
    Second the concept of Purgatory is based on the passage in Maccabees, where it is asked to pray for the dead. You didn’t know that because you are using the Bible that Luther created by taking the original and tossing out 3 books that had been in place for well over 1400 years.
    Third the concept of purgatory was in place for several hundred years prior to Pope Leo the Tenth using the concept to fundraise for St. Peter’s.
    Stop making statements on doctrine you can’t confirm nor deny, that are outside of your authority to determine, and historical statements that are false.
    “Call no man father”
    Do you have a male parent that you deny? Have you told you biological sire that you are not allowed to acknowledge his role in your existence? If you haven’t your a hypocrite. If you have you better repent because you just broke one of the Ten Commandments.
    Or maybe you are operating of an incorrect interpretation of what was being spoken here? Christ is telling the Church that no Christian leader is allowed to set up his own interpretation of the faith, or in other words is not allowed to become the father of his own interpretation of the faith.
    “and Jesus’s hatred of the Nicolaitins might be dead give aways also.”
    The Nicolatian heresy was dealing with a Deacon that mixed Christianity with the occult. I hope you aren’t stupid enough to call people on this board pagans.
    If you think you have something to actually contribute then write up an article and send it to the editors. Write a book if you like and we will actually buy it, read it, and give it a honest go.
    If you can’t do that, then shut-up and grab a either a rosary or a pray rope and start practicing some self discipline.

  3. The Bible says purgatory does not exist, repeatedly. The Nicolaitins were those that believed in a privledged priest class, do some research. May be a reason you are starving, a good one
    Rosary, prayer rope are those in Romans?.

  4. “The Bible says purgatory does not exist, repeatedly.”
    Does it? How about you show us.
    “The Nicolaitins were those that believed in a privledged priest class, do some research”
    No it doesn’t. Its an off-shoot of the Gnostic Heresies and specifically Occult practices mixed with Christianity. Goto the link below and read the section on Nicolas the Deacon.
    “May be a reason you are starving, a good one” The name Starving Artist is an inside joke between Theophrastus and me. You aren’t party to it Smart-Boy.
    “Rosary, prayer rope are those in Romans?.”
    No they are derived from Thessalonians where Paul instructed us to pray without ceasing. They have been used for nearly 2 millennia by Christians to train the mind and the mouth.

  5. Sure got a Blue Letter Bible? Download it now word search judgement, will be about 400 references to die and judgement, not warm recess.
    The Nico laity words mean king and the laity or people, a priest class, your RC reference on some Nicolas gnostic is a good cover
    Saying the rosary is in Thessalonians refered to praying without ceasing wow, how about no long and repetitive prayers like the heathens do. Get a life on that one. Training mind and mouth that’s good.
    Your guy Krugan claims only Christianity is Latin RC and you gentlemen praise him. 1) those beliefs killed 100’s of thousands of Christians for two things not believing in priests turning a magic wafer into the actual body of Christ, and sola scriptura. THAT IS SCRIPTURE ONLY. He died once for all of us sinners, not weekly.
    The second thing interesting here is the picture from the Krugan article it is the barbarian bad guy from the movie Highlander, who said some very heathen things in the movie. How does that fit in?

    • The image was chosen because it is the Kurgan from Highlander. KURGAN. That is where the name came from. It has nothing to do with the video, beyond the name.

  6. Starving Artist: well, thank you.
    That was probably the best bitchslapping of an idiot I have ever seen.
    Grayghost: stop doing meth while you use pages of the bible to snort up coke.
    You’re a filthy Churchian and are so dumb you believe the nonsense a heretic who lusted after nuns said was the Bible after he mutilated it. And a king who wanted to kill his wives when he got bored of them.
    You’re most likely going to be vomited out for lukewarmness.

  7. First – The Blue Letter Bible cant disprove Purgatory because Purgatory was based on Maccabees. The concept of purgatory was created in the 12th century, Luther removed Maccabees in the 16th.
    Second -The Renner site is ran by Rick Renner and he is a Protestant. His material on the Heresies is pretty good even by Orthodox standards.
    “ about no long and repetitive prayers like the heathens do. Get a life on that one.” – Yes, long repetitive prayers. Just like Paul, Peter, and the rest of the Apostles did. Just like the early Church fathers did, who are the same people who put together the canon of scripture, that you are using. Even Luther kept the tradition of the repetitive prayers.
    “Your guy Kurgan claims only Christianity is Latin RC and you gentlemen praise him”. – Kurgan is a former atheist and we are quite happy he has found the way to the Lord, and he is also working to do the same for other atheists. Regardless of Kurgans flaws that’s praiseworthy. Second, I am used to idiot Protestants make grade A jackasses of themselves with Sola Scriptura. A little Catholic Supremacy doesn’t even rise to the level of irritation.

  8. Bahaha. It is a sad commentary on your floundering when this wild-eyed Calvinist is on the sidelines… cheering for the Catholics. Thank you GrayGhost, for reminding us that each day we live, God brings us new wonders.
    A nod to the Starving Artist for the above. Well said sir.

  9. I noticed that you skipped the part of the Catholic Church and the Inquisition. Where whole real Christian sects were murdered such as the Huegonots, and Anabaptists for not accepting RC heresies.
    Good luck in purgatory. Check the vatican website I think they are having a sale on indulgences which might shorten your stay hahahahahah You will not see lukewarm

  10. You are a bunch of Greek philosopher wanna be’s. Who reinvent Christianity to fit your profile, and call others names and invent terms like churchianity. You might want to check out the words in red, and the seven letters to the seven churches.
    And Boethius my post was the truth and history…what in the world is gish galloping?

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