It has come to our attention that some people prefer videos over text. While we are sure that this is a harbinger of the demise of Western Society, we do want to be accessible to our audience. Since not everyone is of an age that prefers to read, we are going to try out a new feature. On Fridays, along with music, for the next few weeks, we will post a video that advances our cause in some way. Please feel free in the comments to let us know if you like the videos, and if we should include more videos and less text. We might take your suggestions, and we might not, but it won’t hurt to get some feedback on it.

As a starter, we will begin to share Francis Schaeffer’s great “How Should We Then Live?” video series. We will post part 1 this week, and follow up with the next section in subsequent weeks. (There are 10 in total).