Scripture speaks of the root of all evil being the love of money, and that is certainly true. As Christians, we definitely trust in the admonitions from divine inspiration. At the same time, money itself is simply a tool, and has beneficial uses. The Apostle Paul encourages the use of finances to help those in need (Read 1 Corinthians 16:1-3 as an example). He also mentions that the “laborer is worthy of his wages” in 1 Timothy 5:18. So we should not misread the verse that speaks to the root of all evil. The focus is not on the money, but upon the “love” of money.

My point there is that we should not eschew money. We should instead use it in Godly ways. Take care of your family. Help the needy. In fact, we had an earlier post that spoke of this very thing.

The other side of that issue is that we should avoid using money for evil purposes. Which leads to some practical ways that we can do that. For example, it has just been reported that Disney is intending to introduce a homosexual character into its new live-action Beauty and the Beast. Hollywood has been pushing this sodomite agenda aggressively in recent years, and this is just another example. Disney has even begun having “Gay Day” at their theme parks. Ummm…no thanks.

So what is a Man of the West to do? Simple. Refuse to go see the film. Do not buy tickets. Withhold your dollars and spend them elsewhere. Now, we at this site enjoy a good movie. If you get us together, you will quickly find us quoting lines from various movies to one another. What you will not find us doing is spending our money on evil nonsense like a homosexual Disney film.

Recently, in conversation, several of us mentioned that we had started watching various television shows, but once the Gay agenda was presented, we stopped viewing the program. For good. There are a couple of shows that I began watching, was enjoying, but stopped and refused to watch again, because of this very issue.

That is what we need to do. Stop giving money to the enemy. Put it to work somewhere else. Honestly, it is getting hard to find good, wholesome mainstream movies out there (or television), and it is a sign of the lack of morality in our society. If you can’t find a good movie, then get a book, or increase your contributions to your local church. Trust me, there are plenty of places that could use the money to do good things. Consider something like St. Jude Children’s Research hospital. Again, there are lots of good options.

Giving it to Disney is not one of them. In fact, as long as Disney keeps pushing the Homosexual immorality, I have decided to avoid any and all of their programs. I will not see another of their shows until they stop. Not only will I avoid this Beauty and the Beast with a gay character, but I will not watch anything else they produce.

If we will all act accordingly, maybe they will get the message. Even if they don’t, we can have the satisfaction of knowing that we refused to participate.

So vote with your money. If enough of us will do that, it can have an impact. Want proof? My wife, for some reason, likes a couple of the bizarre coffee concoctions made by Starbucks. Personally, I have never cared for their stuff, but she does. So each Sunday, on our way home from Church, we would stop and get her one of those drinks. She even had a preferred customer card. When Starbucks recently promised to hire 10,000 refugees, my wife said enough was enough. She stopped drinking their stuff. Apparently, so did lots of other folks. And what has happened? They took a massive hit.  This is the sort of thing we all need to do when these companies try to force a liberal agenda.

Look, Disney needs to make movies. Starbucks needs to make mediocre coffee. Neither needs to be taking sides in a culture war. That is not their purpose. If they want to play that game, then we need to react accordingly, by not supporting them in any way. The same goes for any other organization that behaves this way.

We should simply withhold our money. Vote with those dollars. It will make a difference.