What Are Your Ideas For Shirts?

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We have been trying to promote our merchandise a little harder these past couple of months, not so that we make loads of money, but so that we help Crypto.Fashion going strong. This whole lockdown thing has put a crimp on their bottom line, as it has for many others.

Look, we are not asking you to buy anything if you are also struggling. No, you take care of your family first.

If you are one of the folks who has been able to weather this storm fairly well, then we do ask that you help our buddies out by purchasing a shirt, cap, poster, patch, or whatever else strikes your fancy from their offerings.

While we hope you get some good MOTW merch, please look at everything they offer and buy something you like, even if it is from one of those other groups that they work with.

With that in mind, we are asking for your input. What are some ideas you have for shirts? We are getting ready to bring in some new shirt designs and retire some of the ones that do not sell as well. This is your chance.

Let us know in the comments what shirts you would like to see. You can be as detailed as you want. I am not promising we will use them, but we will give them a fair shake and discuss them all.

If we choose to use one of your designs, we will send you one free of charge.

So buy something they have now, then share your shirt ideas with us and get a freebie. Win-win for everyone. Do it.

Lead Scheduler at MOTW. Husband, Father, but most importantly, a man of God. Possesses more degrees that most people find useful.


  1. I’ve enjoyed the Cryptofashion shirts I have for quite a while now. That said, there are a few themes that might be worth putting on a shirt.

    1. Similar to the A-10 design with components humorously labeled, how about a shirt with an AR or 1911 design with humorous labels for the components? For the AR, “shoulder going-up thingie”, etc. There’s plenty of similar designs out there, but this would be an opportunity to buy a shirt from guys I know and like.

    2. A MOTW logo shirt with “MOTW” circumscribed within a circle of the words “Initium Sapientiae Timor Domini”

    For what it’s worth, I like “white-pill” ideas for shirts; shirts that inspire confidence and pride in our God, our nation, and our civilization.

    • Those are great ideas. I will get the CF folks and our artists on some initial plans.

  2. A shirt with “Patriarchal. Christian. Hard Right.” on the back with “Men of the West” added below it and “MOTW” emblazoned on the left front pectoral area would make me buy one.

    Those three words on the back would make many a liberal’s head explode.

    I do like Aercho’s idea of the MOTW circumscribed within the Latin words.

  3. This was more than a year ago, but I once ordered some CF shirts and commented they should make a shirt with a picture of Charles Martel. Seems like no new shirt resulted though. Jan Sobieski and Don John come to mind too…

    • Our writer, who uses Charles Martel for his name, will be happy. Those historical personages would be great.

  4. I have the CF MOTW hat with the cross on it. That simple design would be perfect for me on a t-shirt.

    • Hi John, we do have the reticle cross, the Templar Cross (similar to the cap cross). We will have the designers consider the crusader shield for a shirt, too.

  5. Make Tall fittings, that you can wear to the gym. Fit matters. A lot. I buy my T shirts from Bluffworks because they make a tall fitting… and they last.

    So heavy cotton or tech material, and the ability to fit.

    Image: Cross of St George/Crusader Cross, reversed with Saltire. Yes, it’s the England and Scottish Flags. But most Karens don’t know that.

    • Hey weka,
      Most of our designs are available in tall sizing for an additional cost–it’s under the “Upgrades” drop-down menu on each design page (when available).

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