Why Don't Transgenders Break Men's Records?

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Outsports is not happy that some sanity still exists in the sports arena:

USA Powerlifting has banned all transgender women from competing as women, even as a trans powerlifter in Minnesota recently won a state championship with another association, setting a state record.
JayCee Cooper, a trans woman, had applied last year to compete in a recent USA Powerlifting event in Minnesota. In December her application was denied.
“Male-to-female transgenders are not allowed to compete as females in our static strength sports as it is a direct competitive advantage,” wrote USAPL Therapeutic Use Exemptions Committee Chair Kristopher Hunt in an email to Cooper.

It’s amazing how effortlessly Outsports’ first sentence makes USA Powerlifting’s case. A trans powerlifter set a record, but it was the women’s record. Across the nation, trans sprinters are breaking records, too, but they are women’s records.

Yo, where are the women’s records at?

Everywhere trans women go, they break women’s records. But I’ve yet to see a single trans man break a men’s record, or even convincingly compete in a body strength or speed-based sport against men.
Why is this? Because men are stronger and faster than women. Trans women are stronger and faster than women because they are really men. Allowing men to compete in women’s sports marks the end of women’s sports.*
A man does not become a woman by cutting off his junk. He becomes a eunuch. Those who insist that “trans women are women” are either dishonest or insane. Either way, they are hardly worth arguing with.
But those few organizations willing to stand in the face of the hysteria that arises when one disallows men from competing in women’s sports ought to be publicly lauded and supported.
The cultural pendulum may be reaching the end of its swing into discivilizational lunacy. Let us hope and pray this is the case.
In the meantime, we ought to be doing everything we can to give it a good push the other way.
* Those feminists who insist “The Future is Female” are going to be surprised to discover that the Social Justice Future is a lot of dudes pretending to be female.

El Borak is an historian by training, an IT Director by vocation, and a writer when the mood strikes him. He lives in rural Kansas with his wife of thirty years, where he works to fix the little things.


  1. They cannot compete with “normal” men, so to fulfill their expectations, they have to take it out on women.
    The reality of it is that they are mentally ill abusers, period.
    This crap really needs to come to an end.

  2. The Soviet Olympic Team tried this during the 1976 Olympics in Montreal. At that time it was called ” cheating”!

    • Yes!

      I remember a conversation with my feminist aunt who was telling her “woke” daughter that the Soviets were cheating by taking testoterone but that the ACTUAL men who choose to “become” women are okay…

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