A Legend of Bregenz

Girt round with rugged mountains the fair Lake Constance lies; In her blue heart reflected, shine back the starry skies; And, watching each white cloudlet float silently and slow, You think a


The Story of Henry Hudson

Editor’s note: The following is excerpted from The Awakening of Europe, by M.B. Synge (published 1903) “To achieve what they have undertaken, or else to give reason wherefore it will not be.”


How England Became Christian

Editor’s Note:  The following account is taken from Historical Tales, by Charles Morris (published 1896). One day, in the far-off sixth century, a youthful deacon of the Roman Church walked into the


The Energy of Faith

Editor’s Note: John Henry Jowett (1863-1923) was an English preacher who became known as the “greatest practitioner of the homiletic art of his time.” He grew up in a Christian home and always


You Shall Come No Further!

It started with just a few whack job ultra leftist “professors” and “psychiatrists,” but now it is gaining steam in the more mainstream liberal hive mind. “Pedophilia is just another sexual orientation