In our first two installments (Part 1 here; Part 2 here), we have given a brief overview of the historical and current situations in South Africa, relating to the dangers faced by the Afrikaner population. We have stated our desire to see these brave folks offered the chance to immigrate to the United States. In future installments, we will delve into more specifics on this immigration proposal, but here, we simply provide additional information about the current situation.

  1. Even South African Whites who support the Blacks are not safe. Click on the link. Read the article. This man spent his life advocating for Blacks, and they killed him. Note this excerpt:
    I had to ask whether or not he felt guilty about killing this Afrikaner. Zane answered without any visible emotion.

    ‘I have never felt guilty for what I did.’

    ‘Why not?’

    ‘Because I hate the Boer.’”

  2. A leading Historian says that Afrikaners have little chance to survive.
  3. More examples of the danger faced by Afrikaners, from a 2015 article.

It is important that Men of the West work together to reclaim our culture, establishing safe, resilient places to live. There are groups out there that focus on Afrikaners, such as this Facebook Group. There are others, as well. Get involved, learn as much as possible, and encourage your elected officials in the West to offer these Afrikaners asylum. Note that there are just a few of the many articles, web sites, and videos available.
Our Afrikaner brothers are in serious danger. They are faced with daily threats. Unfortunately, they are not empty threats, as these resources make clear. Afrikaners are being attacked, killed, raped, and mutilated. We need to step up and help them.