Apple Cider Vinegar

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Apple Cider Vinegar myths have been so over-blown they have taken on almost magical qualities. Here is the truth about ACV that you need to know because it is important. Don’t waste money on ACV pills/capsules if you still believe one of these myths.

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  1. Does it matter that we’ve only known it for 3000-4000 years? The human body is winding down. There’s a terminal genetic point where all the copying errors and mutations will cause us to break down ( Behe’s “devolution” if you believe in micro-but-not-macro evo). The point being is that we didn’t evolve and thus the fulcrum of the argument is crap. I don’t suck down ACV nor would I buy fad ACV pills. We keep ACV around and use it wherever possible but not religiously.

    The rest of the discussion about carb/high carb makes sense.

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