If you’ve made the decision to not be a pussy, Dead Lifts are for you. These are the King of all free weight lifts. This exercise alone can increase your total body power, your over all testosterone output, and crank up your growth hormone. This exercise will stress all of your muscles. If you’re concerned about your back and knees, this exercise will help make them stronger with less pain.

Saddle up to an Olympic bar, laying at your feet. Feet shoulder width apart. Keeping you back flexed and your shoulder blades pinched back, bend down and grab the bar, letting your knees drop your butt to a level just below your hips. Most people use and under/over grip to help balance the weight load off your lower spine. It’s your choice; do what’s comfortable.

As you rise with the weights, concentrate on driving your heels through the floor and pushing your chest toward the ceiling. When you get about 85% up make sure to drive your hips forward. As you lower the weight back down, keep your back flexed and your shoulder blades pinched.

Repeat this process with 2-3 warm up sets, increasing the weight as you go until you get to your working load. Make sure this exercise stays a staple in your weekly routine. Never stop Dead lifting. Dead lifts are life.