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You might think to yourself that a good supplement for the military press is the dumbbell military press. You’d be right, but there is an even better one that adds to the movement. The Arnold Press covers two movements at once, does the same work as the dumbbell military press, but it hits your mid and rear Delts as well.
Now, you may not be there yet, but eventually you’ll be using weights that you can’t just curl up. But to get you ready, I want you to use this technique to get in the start position.
Choose either a flat bench, or an adjustable bench that is set at a full 90°. It’s your preference. Supported or unsupported. With the dumbbells in each hand, hanging at your sides, start swinging them back and forth. Once you get some momentum going you will want to jerk and cling them up, so that you’re now holding them upright against your chest with your arms bent at the elbow. This is the start position.
From here you will want to start lifting upward while simultaneously rotating your arms out to the mid military press position and continue to push through the press in one fluid motion. Coming down will be the opposite. Rotate your arms in as you lower past the mid military press point, back to the start position.
If you’ve already been training dumbbell military presses you will want to start this with a little less weight.

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