Comey asked for more money for his Russia investigation. That’s the narrative the libs are going with as to why Trump fired him. The Justice Department says “No”. That’s called fake news, folks.

Comey let Hillary skate when it is obvious to anyone that laws were broken. Huma and Hillary should be in jail. Lock her up, Mr. President. You promised.

Comey was terrible in the minds of libs just a few days ago because his last minute investigations into Hillary cost her the election. According to her. Now they think Comey is going to bring down Trump, so he’s great again. It’s hard to keep up with this whipsawing narrative. Ask Stephen Colbert.


It is also important to note that this is not the first time a president has ever fired an FBI director.

There’s nothing there on Trump Colluding with Russia. It would have been on the front page of one of these anti-Trump news rags by now. Trump fired Comey because Comey sucks. Liberals oppose it because they are deranged. Anything Trump does or proposes will be opposed. No matter how good and idea it is.