Comey Toast

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Comey asked for more money for his Russia investigation. That’s the narrative the libs are going with as to why Trump fired him. The Justice Department says “No”. That’s called fake news, folks.
Comey let Hillary skate when it is obvious to anyone that laws were broken. Huma and Hillary should be in jail. Lock her up, Mr. President. You promised.
Comey was terrible in the minds of libs just a few days ago because his last minute investigations into Hillary cost her the election. According to her. Now they think Comey is going to bring down Trump, so he’s great again. It’s hard to keep up with this whipsawing narrative. Ask Stephen Colbert.

It is also important to note that this is not the first time a president has ever fired an FBI director.

There’s nothing there on Trump Colluding with Russia. It would have been on the front page of one of these anti-Trump news rags by now. Trump fired Comey because Comey sucks. Liberals oppose it because they are deranged. Anything Trump does or proposes will be opposed. No matter how good and idea it is.


  1. Whether or not you agree Trump is making America great again, he is absolutely making American politics ENTERTAINING again.

    • The last time politics was so entertaining, energizing and uplifting as an American was when Ronald Reagan was not only running, but after he won. Standing up for America, for the voters and all the rest, has left such a good feeling in my heart and soul, especially after the national disaster that Obama was.

  2. I think there are three lessons from the Comey firing that are true both for Trump, and for those of us living outside the Washington bubble.
    Firstly, this validates the commonly accepted advice that once you decide to terminate someone’s employment, you move immediately. If Trump had fired Comey on day one, no one would have said much of it. By dragging this out, its more painful and distracting for everyone involved.
    Secondly, you fire someone to their face. The only part of this entire saga I take serious objection to is Comey finding out he had been dismissed through the news media. I think everyone, on all side of the isle, would expect such a basic level of decency, and Trump’s failure to do so could easily be used by a slightly smarter and less partisan media as a real weapon against the administration.
    Finally, you need to have an answer ready for why you let someone go. A big part of the drama is this mystery of why and on who’s advice Comey was fired, and the administration seems incapable of providing a cohesive answer to such a basic question.
    I want this administration to be successful, I really do. I believe firing Comey was the right thing to do. But these unforced errors and unnecessary drama and side-shows need to stop; we are already 100+ days in, and apparently we cant even master basic facets like presenting a united front and cohesive message. Its premature to start worrying about mid-terms, but if we dont start seeing this administration getting its act together, theres going to be a storm on the horizon.

    • Trump is the first president we have had in a long time where you have to think about what he is doing. By dragging things out, he is giving the media, democrats and the Left in this country enough rope. They cannot jump on him for the majority of what he does. He makes it amply clear in every way, that what he is doing is the right choice. Sometimes you just have to give a person enough rope to hang themselves. Sure we all knew the first week that most of the swamp creatures needed to go. But now, he has proven that beyond a shadow of a doubt. These people who are fired, have no recourse to fire back. Trump nailed their arses to the barn door.
      Something else to remember, when something has been broken for as long as DC has, you cannot reasonably expect it to be fixed overnight. People who expected it to be all fixed during the first 100 days were deluding themselves. It took decades to get to this point. It is going to take time to at least get some of it cleaned up. The people who are all against Trump are being made to look seriously foolish and big laughingstocks.

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