Some Friday Music: Johnny Cash

March 24, 2017
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We have spoken before about good music. Today, we want to share some from the Man in Black, Johnny Cash. Enjoy.





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  1. Man I love Johnny Cash, but I really detest a few of the people in that last video. There are several classic songs that I wish he’d recorded. His voice just lets you know that he has seen the dark side of life. His lyrics speak deep truth. He was a gift from God.

  2. Yep. They were paying tribute to a man who has entered into Glory, even though they deny God. Some of them have had to prophetic words of the song fulfilled on them, others are on the way.

  3. I prefer this version of Johnny Cash singing “God Bless Robert E Lee”. I edited out his speech and just left the song. The video is the flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (or the 2nd Naval Jack) waving in front of a statue of the General. In the speech he makes excuses as to why God should bless Robert E Lee as if he is embarrassed to what a Yankee in the audience might think. Robert E Lee was a southern hero and as a southern man he should just sing the song.

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