Gospel Song of the Week – How Great Thou Art

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  1. Pretty much perfection, and a great way to finish off a Sunday afternoon. My only nit is it appears that the rating system would not let me give a full 5 stars. You can never go wrong with Alan Jackson.

    • Honestly, I wanted to use an Elvis rendition, but they were all from his concerts, and seeing a bunch of women weeping and throwing themselves at the singer…did not seem appropriate for a Gospel song.

    • “My only nit is it appears that the rating system would not let me give a full 5 stars.”
      Click on the right side of the fifth star. That does the trick for me.

  2. I love the “old” hymns. Johnny Cash put out a hymn album called My Mother’s Hymnal that’s really good.

  3. Brad Paisley has a Gospel song on each album. Vince Gill, “Go Rest High” is going to be heard generations from now.

  4. As a child in the late 60s and early 70s, both of my parents worked, so my grandma watched me and my sister after school and during the summer. Grandma would play a record by George Beverly Shea, and when this song came on, she would belt it out like nobody’s business. I cannot hear this song without thinking of grandma. And that George Beverly Shea rendition? Knocks your socks off – best version ever recorded. https://youtu.be/dsrEscUUNMA

    • fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Those family memories are important. They speak to the culture we need to restore.

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