Name the Names, Drain the Swamp

November 25, 2017
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You have been paying for sexual misconduct and possibly outright criminal sexual behavior at the highest levels of government. You’ve been paying for secret settlements that protect our “representatives.” The John Conyers scandal, fed to BuzzFeed by Mike Cernovich (yes, we live in a strange world) has shown us that there have been many other secret payouts.
We want to name the names, expose them to the light and drain the swamp. One way to do that is to sign this petition. Don’t forget to share the link after you’ve signed it. If it gets 100,000 signatures by Dec. 22, 2017, the Trump Administration must review it and take in to consideration. Since Trump has already indicated that he wants to see the names exposed, this petition will help shore up his public support for that option. Click here to go the petition or click the image on the left. Don’t neglect the email confirmation after you sign the petition, it won’t count without it.


  1. I hope he fights the charges. I hope he’s still there in nine months.
    I hope he’s on the list of names that gets out naming congress-critters who have had sexual harassment payout made for.
    I hope Pelosi doubles down on calling him “an icon.”
    I hope he continues to let his freak-flag fly to be used as a walking, talking symbol of the utter power-hungry hypocrisy of the left: it should be good for keeping at least a dozen marginal R seats, primarying another dozen corrupt Rs, and winning another dozen new ones.

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