The Muslim Question

December 30, 2016
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It is a standard motif in Western (Cowboy) novels and movies. A cowboy is shot, and before healing can begin, the bullet must be removed. Once the projectile is obtained, the wound is sterilized and cauterized. Soon, the Cowboy is back on his feet, ready to take on the bad guys.

Western Culture has a similar scenario that plays out repeatedly. In this analogy, the bullets are Muslim attacks. The “bad guys” are the Muslims themselves. Most of us from the West, unfortunately, have short memories and little historical awareness. Our “enemy” in the 20th Century, at least in our memories, was Hitler and the Nazis (and their Japanese allies), and once they had been dispatched, the focus turned to the Soviets. Admittedly, there was much evil there, and it was certainly right to oppose them, but historically speaking, the major enemy the West has faced has been Muslim invaders, who systematically attacked Europe.

In the 21st Century, our attention has turned more to the Middle East, which necessitates a refocus on Muslims. From the very beginnings of Islam in 632, it has used the sword to conquer, forcing enslaved populaces to convert to its evil religion or be subjected to second class status. While many of our fellow westerners may think this is a new thing, they could not be more wrong.

In the 7th Century, only about 40 years after Mohammed rounded up his first followers, the expansion began. Constantinople, the capital of the Christian Byzantine Empire was attacked. Providentially, the Muslim invaders were repulsed, suffering a devastating defeat. However, that did not end the attempts to overrun the West. Time and again, Islam tried to force itself upon the people of the Byzantine Empire, with varying levels of success. By the 9th Century, Byzantium began to gain the upper hand, and that lasted for a couple of centuries. However, internal decay led to a weakening of the Byzantine Empire and by the mid-15th Century, it was no more, finally overrun by the Muslims. Once Constantinople fell in 1453, Islam pushed northward into Europe. Only a valiant defense of Vienna, led by Jan Sobieski, stopped their advance.

While the Eastern portion of the Empire endured and survived for nearly a millennium, the Western portion was attacked as well. There, the Christians had less initial, but more lasting, success. The Muslims had conquered Northern Africa, long a part of the Roman Empire, during the same time period they had first begun assaulting Constantinople. By the early 8th Century, all of North Africa was under Islamic control, and they turned their attention to crossing Gibraltar into Spain, attacking in 711. Their first advances were successful, and the Muslim army moved through Spain and into France.

Charles Martel, The Hammer, leading his troups

It was there that the previously victorious Muslims met The Hammer, Charles Martel, and  his Frankish army. This great leader stopped the advancement at the Battle of Tours (or Poiters), pushed the Muslims back into Spain, and preserved the bulk of Europe for Christianity and Western Culture. Spain itself served as the scene for ongoing conflict for the next several centuries, but Europe, as a whole, was saved.

All of the events in the above historical synopsis show one consistent component – the only thing that stopped Muslim invasion was force. Every single time that Islam invaded a region, they only stopped the advancement when met with a superior force. This conflict has been going on for nearly 1500 years. The short respite in the 20th Century was the aberration of history, not the norm. Once again, Islam is advancing on the borders of the West, and to pretend that it is not an invasion is ludicrous.

The invasion may, in some ways, be more subtle, rather than an outright military attack, but it is an invasion, nonetheless. The only thing, like before, that will stop it will be to meet it with overwhelming force.

Of course, the subtle attack calls for adaptations in our forceful response. For the first time, the West has invited the enemy inside the gates. This hearkens back to my original analogy. We must remove the offending projectile – the Muslim immigrants, refugees, etc.- from our midst. Once they are removed, that wound can begin to heal, and we can then face our enemy head on, rather than looking over our shoulders, wondering if an insurgent is about to stab us in the back, so to speak.

Muslims are not Men of the West, and they never will be. They are something else, and not anything we want or need.

The desert, where Muslims belong
The desert, where Muslims belong

To be clear – Muslims need to go home. They have no place in Europe, America, or anywhere else that lives according to Western Cultural Principles. As long as they are content to remain in their sand and tents, then we can leave them alone, as we have always done. If they attempt to infiltrate or attack our lands, people, or culture, then we must call forth our next Jan Sobieski or Charles Martel, and defeat them mercilessly. Drive them to the ocean and scatter their bones. There can be no other option. There will be no compromise or debate.

It is time for the Men of the West to call things for what they are. Muslims are invading our lands, and they must be repulsed. Our heritage, our culture, and the lives of our progeny demand it.

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  1. Muslims, Africans, and assorted South Americans are bringing their foreign gods into our lands…it’s not just a physical battle, but a spiritual one as well. Gird up!

  2. The West has become too pussified to do what is required now, so it will have to do the violently unspeakable later.

  3. Excellent article. And, sadly, you are right. This is a society that only understands and respects the sword. If it’s the sword they want, it will be the sword they are going to get.

    • What I believe we are witnessing is fulfillment of the OT prophesy that God gave to Abraham regarding Ishmael. When Abraham expressed concern about his boy Ishmael to God, God told him not to worry. That God would also make many nations from Ishmael, and that they would live as wild men among their brothers.
      Well that certainly seems to fit the modern muslim “refugee” types pretty well. Along with all the muslim nations of the world.
      You are right though, that the only thing they truly respect is strength of will in their opposition. That certainly seems to scare them off when they get strong pushback.

  4. The State will fail us. If a Martel can harness the powers of the State, all the better, but if not, such a repel will be in alignment of Lind’s 4th Gen warfare. It will take decentralized, local groups to bring the local government and resources into alignment to drive out the invaders from their neighborhoods, cities and states. All the while there will be forces in the USA committed to aiding the invaders.

  5. ” All the while there will be forces in the USA committed to aiding the invaders”
    And that is why Satan tries to force all those that hold power to serve him. I used to think Satan ran this world, sort of hands-off. Recently, I’m re-thinking that.

  6. The West will be unable to resist the rag head horde as long as they reject Christianity. Until Christ is restored they West will continue to flail and fail.
    Without Christianity stopping the horde is like bringing only a knife to a gunfight.

  7. When the little girl in Idaho was raped I waited to hear how those “refugees” disappeared–after all, it was Idaho! Nothing. Did she not have a father? Uncle? If the Men of the West won’t abengwvtheir own children what makes us think they’ll fight to preserve civilization?

    • A people might suffer a thousand paper cuts, a thousand injustices, a thousand indignities, and then the last straw settles and Madame Guillotine washes the streets with the blood of her victims.

  8. How many Americans must be sacrificed on the altar of “Waiting Until It Becomes Politically Acceptable”?

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