Video: How To Prove God

February 28, 2020
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  1. Proving the existence of God or a god isn’t that hard but it doesn’t necessarily follow that any of the organized or revealed religions accurately reflect the nature of that God.

    • Sigh. This is not the place to argue against Christianity. Don’t even try it here. There are plenty of other places to get off on some “no religion has it figured out” shtick. This site is unabashedly Christian.

    • “I have decided how God will reveal himself to all of mankind. Since no God matches my predetermined list of how God will reveal himself, no God exists. I have decided which religion will reflect the God I have decided will reveal himself to all of mankind. Since no religion matches my predetermined list of how God will reflect himself, no true religion exists. ” ~~ Different formatting, but basically the same argument.

      Here, we do not presume to tell the God Creator of the Universe how He will reveal Himself to mankind. We have accepted the method which He gave us through the revealed word we call the bible. Or, as Theophrastus said, “This is not the place to argue against Christianity.”

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