Western Canon: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius

February 27, 2017
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Marcus Aurelius had a sharp mind and his personal philosophy grew and deepened over the 10 year period he wrote the book. Sure, some of the book wanders, and he repeats himself, but he wrote it for himself and as such it provides a fantastic look at the inner workings of a principled man, a Stoic, dealing with the demands of being the Roman Emperor and still adhering to his beliefs.
Christians are not Stoics but there is common ground. We too understand that this life will throw at us all sorts of challenges, it is unpredictable and uncaring to our wishes and demands. We also understand we need to face these challenges head-on with our best foot forward.
The difference lies in our hope, Christ Jesus, as our cornerstone and finisher of our faith.
Nonetheless, Marcus Aurelius’s insights to the human condition can be used by the Christian Man of the West to help navigate life and provide comfort to those around us.

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