This was originally written in late 2013. It was a response to another’s moving eulogy for a lost friend. Unfortunately, the man who wrote it passed away a couple of years ago, himself. He was a friend to many of  us, and we still talk about what he meant to us. Perhaps you are going through some tough times yourself. If so, listen to the wise words from Outlaw X:

This gives me a chance to say something I have been wanting to say to people on this blog. From your early 40’s to your mid 50″s expect the hammer to fall in your sight. I don’t mean death but it could be anything. It is a purging of the soul and recorded in the mind and probably your last chance to change for your own good. I have watched it all through my life and have noticed this to be a seemly an imperative of God or fate. It always happens. There are many names for it, some call it a mid-life crises, it could be a health, financial, marriage or family issue. It is as if you make it there it becomes an inevitable fact of life..
I suggest people recognize this and understand why it happens and move on with the wisdom of what has happened rather than why it happened. When you loose friends, family members or any loss that really disturbs you remember there is a reason and just be patient, sober and think. And it will become clear to you in Gods own time.