Communion: Reversals

Mary was chosen by God to be the mother of Jesus. She saw Him grow up, listened to Him teach, and then watched Him die and helped bury His body, not knowing


Fight For Your Gun Rights

There are a couple of urgent items on the gun control front that need your attention. First, the Fix NICS bill. The current NICS system is a disaster. The Fix NICS amendment


Sermon: Delight In The Will Of God

Editor’s Note; John A. Broadus is called by some the father of American expository preaching.  Charles Spurgeon deemed Broadus the “greatest of living preachers.” Church historian Albert Henry Newman said “perhaps the greatest


Buy Pies, Sell Slices

Here at Men of the West, we believe in resilience. We promote spiritual resilience: that deep and abiding faith in Christ that helps us to overcome the world. We work toward physical

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