Our friend David the Good has posted a new video, highlighting his work toward one of his 2017 goals – to grow 2000 lbs of food in a year on his land. He did it in only 7 months on 1.5 acres. This demonstrates what one man can do, with a little effort. Now, you may not have as much land at your disposal, but we can all start working towards more self-sufficiency. We encourage you to start setting goals now to do that. What food can you grow this year? Even if you only grow some tomatoes, you can enjoy foodstuffs that you have grown and prepared yourself.

David reports that much of the bulk of this haul was from long-standing tree crops. In other words, he did not actually plant them, but someone else did in the past, and he was able to reap the benefits, leading to his comment: “This is why, like all good Men of the West, it is very good to plan ahead. Plant now, reap for decades.”