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Be Brave!

August 20, 2021
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Editor’s Note: Darrell Sipes gives some encouragement.

If you have no backbone when things are tough then you have no backbone at all. If you wear shirts saying how “brave” you are, and how you’ll “defend freedom” while you bow to the worst tyranny America has ever seen then you will defend nothing. If you won’t speak up now then you will probably never ever speak up. It is time to start only “hanging out” or associating with others who are brave. Allan Stevo said recently that if another person is not brave then no matter how much else you “agree” with them on paper, it means nothing. We are in an era where the same people who burned their draft cards are now supporting “where’s you vaccination card”

And when you realize that abortion kills more humans than any 20th century dictator could have dreamed of you HAVE to realize that you are currently living in what we see in history books as “horrible times”. You must nit give up! You must be brave upon brave! Surround yourself with other brave people even if you disagree with them on some things. You must begin to realize that a coward agrees with you on nothing. A coward will post anything, wear a “tough” T-shirt, maybe even talk tough in conversation, but they have nothing when it matters. Because a coward will agree 100% with ANYONE who forces them to do anything.  Another brave person will NEVER agree with you 100% and they don’t have to! Be brave, for the love of God and all things Holy, be brave!

Darrel Sipes is a Husband to a biblical wife, Father of five strong sons and two beautiful daughters, a Carpenter and a Christian, as well as a Bread-winner.


  1. Now I’m wondering how many martial-arts schools closed permanently last year. The string-pullers don’t like institutions that facilitate boys becoming gutsy men…

  2. Darrell,

    Thank you I needed to hear that. As a conservative in a very liberal state, with no support system it is getting difficult to stay the course. I am Catholic and even the Church in this area capitulates to every SJW whim. I read about and follow great Parishes and Priests in other parts of the country with envy. I understand it is the way they (the enemy & the weak) want it. I am now facing the possibility of losing my job unless an exemption is approved. Only my Faith, sense of justice and truth hold me up, some days barely. These truly are horrible times we are living in, and they have been for decades but like frogs most ignored the temperature. I know because for decades I have been mocked or ignored, despite always having proof to back my arguments. Most people do not want their bubble broken, their alternate reality. I would love to surround myself with Brave people, but they are a rare breed.

    So alone with my immediate family, I stand, though I do not consider myself Brave, but I know what right is. I hope daily I have the fortitude to stand with truth and justice against the tyranny of the mob.

    Thank you for the reminder that I am not alone just alone where I am…

    • Brother!!! I am resolved to pray the Our Father for you.

      Remember it is our job, nay our mission, to be bold (brave) for those who can’t be bold for themselves. And if we are killed being bold then we realize our mission has ended and it is up to Christ, Michael and his angelic warhost, and our brothers, to continue the fight. So don’t even worry about winning, as much as boldly participating!

  3. Be Brave is good advice and so is only associate with brave people. The Bible further states only believers. In my (rare) discussions with others I find that there is question of what to do, who or what to support, and a question of what is happening.
    I reject any notion of politics straight out and tell or remind folks (often family) that this is God’s fight. This world has thoroughly rejected His way and in doing has earned all His wrath.
    It’s important to remember that nothing happens without the approval of God, including bad things. Those who will do evil will receive their fate for doing so and the righteous who suffer and endure will receive our reward in due time.
    During times of suffering remember that God is with you and that the spirit of fear is NOT of God, “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7.
    Wether I’m alive when Jesus returns or I am called home in a blaze of glory and gunpowder I will strive to please my Father and do His will whatever that may be.

    • I concur with you brother!

      Re-read some old posts to see if I had missed responding to a comment.

      God Bless, I hope your fight is showing Fruit!

  4. […] There are people in this life who wouldn’t help your pregnant wife change her tire in the middle of a snow storm with it being -10 degrees, with her all by herself (why was she out in the snowstorm, because she’s not scared to get work done) but they will go around apologizing for “slave owners” who mistreated people in a certain place at a certain time way in the past.  And they will do this because they want to pretend to have virtue while they never take the real risks of virtue.  And virtue can be lots of little virtuous acts or lots of large virtuous acts.  But they all involve giving of yourself sacrificially to others.  Coach the kids baseball team and you might win it all or you might win zero.  But just to take that step takes virtue.  Doing the right thing at work, even if it ultimately means you get fired takes virtue (courage of course being the most important virtue as I’ve mentioned before). […]

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