I should mention that my home gym work out program is centered around power lifting. I have a Bench press centered chest day, a Dead lift centered back day, and a Squat centered leg day. If my week allows for other lifting, I will throw in a shoulder day and/or arm day.

I have previously used Dead lifts as a leg day work out, but it truly is a full body exercise. Saving it for back day helps break up your two most torturously heavy days, which will translate to a better spread in testosterone boosting workouts.

You truly don’t need your power rack at all for dead lifts, but I use mine for adding weights. It’s just a pain in the ass to try to fuck around with it resting on the floor. You will however want some sort of padding to protect your floor. I bought a couple packs of the foam rubber squares that fit together like puzzle pieces. They are fairly inexpensive. Additionally, I use a couple of layers of cardboard directly under the weights, to keep from destroying the pads.

Square up to the bar with your feet right at shoulder width. Bend over, slightly bending your knees but keeping your back straight and flexed.

Now you may recall me previously recommending the mixed grip on dead lifts. That is, one under hand grip and one over hand. I have since learned that long term lifting like this can have an unevening effect on your balancing muscles. Don’t do it. The only real reason to do it is because it gives you a stronger grip.  But suck it up and use a double over hand grip,  and just suffer until your grip strength improves. Drop weight if your have to, or try a thumb hook where you literally hook your thumb under your grip. It hurts, but it will help lock your grip in.

Lift your eyes unto the heavens, chest up, and start to pull the weight up. Concentrate on keeping your back straight and flexed, chest up, and drive with your hips.  Do not lock your fucking  knees.

Once you have achieved standing straight up, lower the weight back down. Keep your back straight, chest up,  and eyes on God. Touch the weights to the floor to complete the rep.

Repeat for sets of 5-10.

This week’s lifting inspiration is the theme from Superman.