Disney Is Where Properties Go To Die

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Editor’s Note: We have addressed comics on our site several times. Laramie mentioned that this earlier post was a good companion to his current one, so we are linking it for you.
This weekend, Ms. Marvel Captain Marvel defied expectations among traditional fanbase comic book audiences who expected the movie to gross between $80 and $100 million. It seemed as though every indication was there that the movie would tank, due to its blatant promotion of third wave feminism—both in the movie as well as in promotional material. However, the justified critics were wrong to presume the larger society of Americans were on their side, and the movie earned $153 million domestic.
There has been much controversy with the Captain Marvel movie. Not only was it a completely in-your-face presentation of feminism that demeaned men, but the actress, Brie Larson, has shown herself to be particularly snotty in various interviews since the movie’s promotion. Large numbers of men who recognized the misandry directed against them criticized the movie. These fans called out Marvel’s/Disney’s attempt to shove an SJW-converged movie down their throats. Such men were usually comic book readers and fans of traditional fantasy and science fiction franchises (those franchises now destroyed in the “newthink” of SJW America). There are a myriad of Youtube videos, such as this excellent video by The Fourth Age, documenting what was being done to the Marvel name.
Primarily—and correctly—traditional audiences saw this movie as an attack and an insult against them. It was most certainly an attack. It was a strike against all patriarchal assumptions that old audiences had. This is encapsulated very well in a scene in which Brie Larson’s character shoots at a VHS box featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face. Schwarzenegger is a 1980’s muscle-bound white male hero who defined the typical 1980’s action movie. Her destruction of the VHS is a metaphor for what the writers and producers of the movie desired. I have not seen this particular scene, as I haven’t seen the movie. I do not intend to see it ever. (Nor have I seen any of the new Star Wars abominations, the she-Ghostbusters flop, or anything that has this SJW flavor in it. I will not give money to Hollywood so that they can spit in my face.)
Many people on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter have spoken out against this movie for what it is doing. To this group of people who have loved the traditional comics and movies of years past, the entire concept of forcing the Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel concept into the center of the public mind is obvious and unmistakable. Yet their voices have been suppressed here and there. Most notably, Rotten Tomatoes, a movie review website owned by a former Disney bigwig, took away a notable audience participation metric. This feature on their website enabled people to register whether or not they would go to see the movie. An enormous portion of people—the traditional comic book fanbase—stated they were not interested in seeing this insulting movie. As a result, Rotten Tomatoes took away the feature, and people could no longer publicly state they were interested/uninterested in seeing movies. Another dastardly thing Rotten Tomatoes did to participating fans and audiences, was that it removed thousands upon thousands of negative reviews after the movie came out.
Rotten Tomatoes did this in order to protect the new image Disney/Marvel was forcing upon the public. In the traditional Soviet style, dissent was suppressed, voices were silenced, and a large segment of the traditional comic book audience was insulted. Disney had been working for several years on this new movie, its promotion, and the direction in which it would take the MCU. They want the feminist Captain Marvel to be the new face of the Marvel brand. And that face—which is to be as recognizable as Mickey Mouse—will be the face of a cheerless, unsmiling third wave feminist.
This has been the direction that cultural Marxists have been going in for a few years now. As I said, they’ve twisted Star Wars and Ghostbusters into freakish, unhappy new creations that confuse and insult audiences. “Forget the past, kill it if you have to,” is their motto. The goal is to eliminate all traces of the patriarchal tradition from the culture. Hollywood has a new slew of producers and directors, and they all hate white Christian males. Their goal is to force the acceptance of atheistic, Marxist, feminist philosophy through all media, including “escapist” movies.
With all that said, it’s quite troubling that mainstream America granted Marvel a $150 million domestic earning. Because of this, Disney and Marvel will not learn. Brie “Cheese” Larson will only be encouraged to be even ruder and nastier to the public. Marvel Comics bigwig Sana Amanat will feel emboldened to transform the Marvel Universe—both the comics as well as the MCU—into a completely feminized, emasculated version of what it once was. And other producers and directors will continue to mock and ridicule anyone who opposes the leftist, SJW slant in movies. Critics will now become isolated and ostracized culturally as “a bunch of white, male trolls.” From now on, when people come together—even if they are female, such as That Star Wars Girl—and they oppose the feminist narrative in their movies and other material, they will be even more isolated, shunned, and cut off from the discussion than ever before. And soon, in culture—just as it is in politics—mere dissent from what’s being pushed will become punishable in one way or another.
As for Disney and its obvious and recognizable perverse, anti-male, third-wave feminist agenda, I can only imagine the horrible things they will do to all of the properties they inherit from their recent buyout of Fox Studios. A little tip for anyone not wanting their material to be perverted: avoid any deals with Disney. They are a satanic company, anyway.


  1. Others have reported theater managers being surprised by massive no-shows at screenings of this film. The ubiquitous on-line ticketing systems now allow studios and distributors to game the box office numbers with massive ticket buying.

  2. Female Ghostbusters wasn’t that bad somehow. It gave the illusion of being subversive. It would have been good if they had mocked Islam of course, like they should have.

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