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Minnesota Schools told to stop using gender pronouns. [Editor’s Note: Yes, we know the correct word is “sex,” rather than “gender.” We are simply using the term that is being addressed in the article.]
It appears the State of Minnesota is buying into the transgender nonsense completely. Is this what you want your child exposed to?
Ladies and Gentlemen*,  I believe this is more serious than not knowing what restroom to use. This represents the death of our society if it goes unopposed. The family is the smallest unit of our culture. Destroy the family, you destroy the west. After completely normalizing homosexuality in fifteen years, the left is trying to gain more ground by attacking heterosexuality.  They pretend that they want to include transgender people. There is no higher sin in La La land than having someone’s feelings hurt. I believe the ulterior motive is to attack the very idea of male and female sexes. Not satisfied with forced acceptance of homosexuality, they want to attack the idea of being straight.  This will either end our nation from internal rot, or some other country will take advantage of our weakness to conquer us.
Nations end up in the garbage can of history all the time, but I’m not ready for America to go out like this.
*(see what I did there?)


  1. “I believe the ulterior motive is to attack the very idea of male and female sexes.”
    This is exactly the case. Which is why it drives them absolutely nuts when your respond to their drivel with, “mammals exist in 2 sexes and 0 genders.” They are at war not only with the idea of normalcy, but objectivity. But war or not, all of their blather about “polygender demiboy neutrols” is really just a fancy way of saying “I flunked biology.”

    • Liberalism is a rage against reality. They are at war with truth. They are trying to impose their feelings onto the real world. That seems to work, because we’ve made a safe space in America. Reality will impose itself, and rather harshly.

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