Halloween Matters

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There are likely a lot of you irritated today. It may seem to you that today is one of the worst days of the year. Strangers bang on your door asking for handouts, girls dress up in slutty costumes, and the holiday seems to celebrate evil.
So let me take a moment to explain why you’re wrong about all of that. Halloween is one of the most important holidays of the year…. and it is the last community holiday we have left.
Think about it. Holidays are spent with family now. Thanksgiving… Christmas… even the 4th of July. These are family-based holidays and they are fantastic. But Halloween is different. Halloween is celebrated with your neighbors – your community.
It’s a time for you to connect with those around you. Its a time for you to get to know your neighbors and their kids.
The Men of the West encourage you to get out there tonight and embrace that. Saving Western Civilization starts with saving your own community. And you have to have a community before you can save it.
What better place than here? What better time than now?


  1. This week, my family went to Mass for the Feast of Christ the King, we carved the Jack-o-Lantern, watched a scary movie, went trick-or-treating, and remembered the dead. For the next few days of the Hallowtide, we’ll be baking soul cakes and praying for our dead family members and to any of the saints above who might wanna ask God to do us a favor. It’s the start of a really great time that will last until Mardi Gras, the Shrovetide. Hopefully, I’ll be able to take two weeks off for the Christmas season, and the fam can have a really great time. Childhood only comes once for the kids. It may be a hassle, but you’ve gotta do it. -LH

  2. My goal as a father is to give my children an innocent childhood so that no matter what comes in the future they will have known innocence. Of course I prepare them for the harsh realities of the world but love, security and innocence should be a part of every child’s young years. Halloween is a great opportunity to give them fond memories.

  3. I’m still assigned to the east coast, and it was staggering to see how many of the houses were dark and closed off, insulating themselves from the strangers wandering around. Sad to see, because so many of them were strangers to each others. Parents would drive from their apartments to the remaining suburbs where the real houses were, and drop their kids off for a few hours, then pick them back up. A few decent Church events (including ours) drew pretty good foot traffic, but the door-to-door part is dying. Maybe one in five houses were participating. It was frustrating to the kids to pass so many dark houses, and not just because of the losses in candy. They missed being able to show off what they had made, and the banter with neighbors rarely seen. Out East here, despite the crowding and sheer volume of people, so many are hunkered down and isolated, alienated on their own streets. It’s sad, and makes me pray for a better assignment next tour.

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