Alt-Right or Die

March 13, 2017
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It’s not a threat; it’s an admonition. Depending on who you listen to, the Alt-Right is a small but loud group of homophobic, racist, Nazi, hatemongers that should be completely ignored because we’ll amount to nothing. On a different day, the same people will tell you that we’re dangerous and needed to be shouted down or beat down or jailed along with climate change deniers. Here’s what the Alt-Right actually is. Here at Men of the West we consider ourselves Hard-Right, which is a more highly engaged strain of the Alt-Right.
I believe the cuckservatives/moderates fear the Alt-Right even more than the left does. Why? Because we’re upsetting their comfortable little enclave. They’re used to playing both sides while pretending to be principled. They were never principled. The only thing these “conservatives” ever tried to conserve was their own power structure. The time for pretending is over. It’s going to become increasingly more difficult to stay in the middle because we’re out there knocking down doors and getting stuff done. What really bothers our detractors is that we really and truly do not care what they think. We’re not cowed by their accusations and we’re not apologetic for refusing to play by their rules. They’re baffled; they’re not used to this behavior so they’re throwing everything up against the wall and seeing what sticks. Well, nothing is sticking. We’re getting bigger and stronger. We have no centralized power structure, no leader, no General. This is Fourth Generation Warfare. We don’t need a chain of command or marching orders. We organize spontaneously and we act.
Speaking of sticks, Based Stick Man (Kyle Chapman) is the current poster boy for the Alt-Right. He took action against leftist thugs and became a hero. He was arrested and then they dropped the charges. Why? The charges didn’t make sense in the first place, but that never stopped a prosecutor. They just didn’t want to make a martyr out of him. If they prosecuted him, they would have made a thousand more. What they don’t realize is that they probably already have; it just won’t be as obvious.
Trump is not, strictly speaking, Alt-Right. We are emboldened by him, but he is not critical to our long term future. Obama is still trying to control Washington, but the left now has to work twice as hard in order to not lose power more quickly so I’m not sure what Obama thinks he is trying to control. And by the time Trump has served his two terms, the Presidency will be irrelevant to our dominance. By that time, politicians of all stripes will be bowing and scraping for the approval of the Alt-Right, even as they remain enemies of it.
Many of you have looked at the Alt-Right and realized that it’s not what they’ve been saying it is, but you’re still reluctant to go all in. At some point, you’re going to have to pick a side. Everything is coming down to identity politics and base tribalism. You can’t stay neutral. Alt-Right or die.


  1. There comes a time in any conflict where one must choose a side, when remaining on the fence won’t work. You don’t get to pick your allies, you don’t get to pick your enemies, but you can pick a side and go all in.
    Or you can wait and have indifferent fate pick for you, but you won’t like it.

  2. They wish to believe a form of “peace in our time”, giving away issues like Obamacare, and last year it was clear it was to be war. The primaries were Chamberlain (Jeb!) v. Churchill, the general was Churchill v. Mussolini.
    Trump is a civic nationalist but divisive, not conciliatory. He is also not an ogre or incompetent.
    I expect the blue cities to burn in protest this summer, but they don’t know 4th generation war. The violent 1% will alienate everyone from left of center. Even abolitionists gor a bad name from the attack at Harper’s ferry, and Lincoln’s war might not have happened without the first shot at Ft. Sumpter.
    People want peace,,so in 4gw, the first to escalate lose.

    • To clarify Ft Sumter, people like to say that it was the South that started the Civil War, but in truth they gave The Union troops ample warning and opportunity to leave. The Union refused to stop occupying sovereign southern soil and paid the price.

      • To clarify Ft Sumter, people like to say that it was the South that started the Civil War, but in truth they gave The Union troops ample warning and opportunity to leave. The Union refused to stop occupying sovereign southern soil and paid the price.
        With all due respect to the Southerners in the Alt-Right and on this blog, the price of Ft. Sumter was starting a fight the South didn’t win.
        If you have to explain and clarify it, maybe it’s not what you think it is. The draw of the Alt-Right is that it wins instead of nobly losing.

        • I didn’t draw the comparison between the alt-right and the Confederacy. I just clarified a fact on the start of the civil war. Again, the South may have fired the first shot, but it was because the North was holding southern land hostage. The North started the war. But it is a bad comparison. The Alt-right did not start this fight. This fight was forced on us by a totalitarian enemy. But our philosophy is hit back twice as hard.

      • IF ethnic fissuring happens, c0pperheaded’s dream actually could come true. The Alt-Right as a populist and nationalist counter to a party of commerce and/or expansion, within a largely homogeneous state.
        That conflict has happened again and again in history, and this match-up would have the Alt-Right naturally taking up much of the mantle held by the modern Left up until the 1960s. UKIP had that exact shot at Labour in Britain quite recently, I think, but they haven’t been able to carry on beyond Nigel.
        But getting there means the Left’s current r-selected psychology of favoring outsiders must have been broken and replaced.
        Very fine article, Phantom. A few gem quotes.

        • Yeah, Joe is way smarter than me. Basically, what I meant, is that I consider myself Hard Right so I am hoping that one day the political pendulum swings so far to the right, that the alt-right seems far to the left in comparison.
          Joe is correct that this is a “very fine article”. I’ve been sharing it with a lot of “conservatives”. I’m not saying they have been convinced to drop their “conservatism”, but it has definitely given them something to think about.

  3. No never even been on Faceborg once. Don’t intend to. I have a really good reason why, I’ll be happy to share with you via PM. But by all means, I’ll make anything you want, if I can, I just started doing this 5 days ago, 🙂
    Started a WP blog too. It’s:
    If something is posted to my blog, it is linkable, can you use it in that fashion?

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