July 10, 2017
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I recently had a get together with fellow Men of The West author Rooster, our families, and a few friends. We broke bread together, laughed, and had fellowship. It reminded me of the importance of communion. Your church may take it as just a remembrance of Christ, but other churches take it as community bond. You cannot participate in the communion, the community-union, unless you meet the standards of the community. So it is a matter of mutual trust and intimacy with your fellow believers. And in taking it as a community, your bonds grow stronger. Holy communion is of course set aside for the church, but it is very much the same with breaking bread together, or having a meal together with your friends and family.
Getting together with kindred spirits to share a meal helps to strengthen bonds. And in this day and age these bonds are everything. You should make it a priority to have regular get togethers with your fellow Men and Women of the West. Bring your families. Bring your friends. Build the bonds.
Do the same in your neighborhoods. Have cookouts, barbecues, game days. Your neighbors may not be fully understand what makes Western Civilization, or what it takes to protect it, but building community bonds is the best way to bring them into the fold. Get to know them. Find common grounds. And by these bonds, come together in love for your home, people, and culture.

Donner Schwanze is a Traditional Christian with Traditional values. He has had a tough life and has worked hard for everything he has. As a Father and a Husband, Donner will do whatever it takes to defend his God, his nation, and his family.


  1. There’s a very old tradition to this: it’s called and Agape Feast. The early Church made extensive use of it and it was considered supplemental to Communion. The Knights of Columbus pancake breakfast and the Lutheran potluck are both direct descendants of this feast, and you are absolutely correct to recommend making more use of it.
    As Men, we operate heavily on symbols. Nothing brings a community, an ecclesia if you will, together better than sharing the sharing first of the Real Body and Blood of our Lord and then the earthly sustenance which He and His disciples shared when He urged us to “do this in memory” of Him. It satisfies spiritually, corporeally, and symbolically all at once.

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