Don't Rely On Others To Teach Your Kids

July 27, 2017
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In the United States we rely on other people for most of our living. At Men of the West, we favor providing for yourself if you can. It’s okay to buy your meat at the store, but you should know how to kill and butcher a deer, just in case.
There is one thing that you shouldn’t trust others to do for you. That is teach your children. It is best to homeschool. We recommend homeschooling, even if you have to make some sacrifices to do it. Of course, it isn’t possible for everyone. I may have to put my own kids into public school for awhile.
You must understand that liberals don’t reproduce by having kids of their own. Atheists have fewer children than the religious. They reproduce by co-opting yours. Your kids are being indoctrinated to believe there are more than two genders, that the climate is changing, and that whites are evil and born privileged. It may not be that bad at your school, but you can guarantee there is some leftist agenda being pushed. There is nothing worse than to have your own children turned against you.
If your kids are in that situation, you still have to spend the time to counteract that. Talk to your kids, help them with their homework. Be a pain in the teacher’s ass. Homeschool if you can. I heard stories out of Minnesota that children and teachers were going around the school angry or crying when Trump was elected. Why should politics even be on the radar screen at school? Teachers should not be teaching kids what the “correct” political positions are. They fail hard enough at just teaching math and history.
The other thing a lot of us are guilty of is leaving it up to the church to teach our kids faith. You must understand that it is your responsibility to see to it that they are brought up in the faith. Some churches have excellent classes for the children. However, most churches do not, and it is still your job as a parent to make sure they know. My kids are in vacation bible school this week. They are having a good time, but I don’t expect that they are learning much. That’s okay, as it’s my job to teach them. If your child grows up and leaves the church, it isn’t the youth pastor’s fault.
This is the most important job for the Men of the West. We have to win the battle for our children’s minds. Make no mistake. There is a battle, and we can’t afford to lose it.


  1. There is no excuse for subjecting kids to the public school system. There really isn’t. Homechool or die.

    • I am not sure what your point here is. The author said the same thing. He just said the better choice was homeschooling. Presenting one’s opinion does not limit the options.

    • While ideally we would all homeschool. The reality is that not all families are able. I personally know families that want to homeschool, but both parents need to work to be able to afford to provide for their children.
      However I was partially schooled in a homeschool co-op made up of solid Christian familes. Those are out there and worth looking at if pure homeschooling isn’t an option.

  2. I’m not so sure anyone couldn’t homeschool if they are committed. One of my past occupations was a financial advisor, and on the spending side of things, there were always a lot of ways to cut expenses and free up money.
    Sure, if people have two cars, heavy credit card debt, a few store cards they’re paying off, among other things, they will always talk themselves out of being able to afford it.
    Many people also buy way too much house, when it would be better to rent and not be surprised by out-of-pocket expenses ownership entails.
    The point is to sit down and be honese with yourself in your spending, and see if it’s really more you don’t want to live a more modest lifestyle in order to keep your children from being brainwashed by the school system.
    I’ve watched relatives that gave their children the option of being homeschooled or going to a public school. The one that went to public school was basically destroyed in their world view, while those that weren’t were many years ahead of their grade level when tested.
    Also, if one lives in the U.S., there will be the big boost received from earned income credit (EIC), which should easily underwrite most things you need.
    The key is to lower your debt while putting a little away in savings that are only there for emergencies.

  3. “more than two genders”
    The word is sexes, not “genders”. If you use their corrupt language, you lose.

  4. I was in Walmart yesterday getting an extra 20-pack of chips for VBS when I noticed a promotion or advertisement on the big bag that holds all the little bags. It said in bold letters, “When school is in, parents win!” and showed a young mom throwing her fists in the air in victory while a background school bus apparently hauls her kids away.

  5. Group schooling is mostly socialization. This whole site is one big self satisfied circle jerk.

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