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August 7, 2017
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In a previous post, I warned people not to trust others to teach your kids.
This is why.

“My wickedness, you see. It knows no bounds.”

They are not there to teach teach your children how to read, write, or solve math problems. They want to poison their minds with their homosexual agenda.
The author hints at a more sinister agenda:

“….and that if you’re kind to us and behave yourself well there’s a better than even chance you can get an invitation to brunch. “

There are many fronts to the culture war. Compared to this one, the others are a distraction. This is the important one. We can’t afford to lose this battle.
Consider homeschooling.


  1. We home schooled our 5 long before the threat was as great as it is now…
    What we gave up to let my wife stay at home and teach our children was
    worth it, 100X.
    Having children, only to send them off to be destroyed in the publik skool
    is simply providing the queer who wrote the piece with children to bring
    to his side.
    If you think an hour or so at home is going to cancel out a day of indoctrination
    and peer pressure at the government skool, you are a fool beyond help.

  2. As a teacher I can say that what you state above “They are not there to teach teach your children how to read, write, or solve math problems. They want to poison their minds with their homosexual agenda,” does in no way describe me. As a Christian I do my utmost to educate my students as they are meant to be and try to share elements of the truth as much as I can. That being said, working within the government system severely hampers what I can say or do, especially relating to the truth of God and His scriptures. The push for “inclusivity” and “tolerance” are ever present. So while you will find evil teacher such as those in the article, you find those that aren’t. The problem lies in knowing which is which prior to placing your child in their care. Homeschooling bypasses this problem entirely and homeschooling allows you to be as explicit as you wish relating to religion and faith.

    • Thanks for your comment. When I was in school the majority were good teachers. I think most were leftists, but they kept their politics where they belonged. I believe that where I live, most teachers still have that ethic, although I haven’t really been engaged with the school system.
      It has to be difficult trying to balance your faith with a system that is opposed to it.

  3. Wow, that article made me rage. Gays are not on a crusade to be liked, they want to turn the tables, and make it impossible and illegal for normal healthy people to find them disgusting and point it out. It’s not at all about warm fuzzy inclusiveness, it is about eradicating any last shreds of the idea that they are unnatural things, ergo, Western values.

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