American Locust Phenomenon: Supersized

April 28, 2018
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The American locust migration pattern is not limited to urban White Flight, gentrification, or the fresh injection of immigrants into suburbia–as discussed in the previous article.  This locust migration pattern also exists on a macro scale.  Americans migrate regionally en masse.  The best example is California.  This state, which has boasted an economy on par with an individual nation, was at one time a state consisting of farmers, loggers, and other trades and industries.  California has been a wealthy place.
Over the generations, however, the state of California has been passive and lax in allowing illegal immigrants to invade Californian real estate.  To complicate matters, state leadership has been very liberal, growing soft in their commitment towards the rest of the United States.  Once, California was  state that helped elect Ronald Reagan to the presidency.  But at this point, California government has become so Leftist, that it actually opposes the immigration policies of the Federal Government.  This is to the detriment of California.  Mayors and governors from that state have grown tone deaf to the problems their policies cause.
The result of this neglect by leadership is an invasion force of immigrants, high taxes that are unfriendly to business, rampant homelessness, and a radical populace, just to name a few of the problems.  Naturally, people with a means to escape are doing so in record numbers.  There is a mass exodus out of California.
The entire state and its government is viewed as hostile to the interests of law-abiding Americans.  Businesses, entrepreneurs, and entire industries have begun to flee for other states.  California has abdicated to the Left.  It is now a lost cause, and people are jumping ship.  Their new destination: right-wing states.
The states that receive these Californians include Idaho, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and even Texas.   These states appear to be a new refuge in this mutant “grapes of wrath” saga.  That said, however, there is nothing to stop the new migrants from California from voting Democrat, thus changing the politics and culture of their new state.  Already, there is much discussion about Texas becoming a blue Democrat state in the near future.  When those days come to pass, will besieged right wing Texans then migrate up here to Oklahoma?
Host states who recieve these migrants are taking no precautions against this invasion of Californian outsiders.  For example, Colorado is now famed for its up-and-coming marijuana culture.  Before, the state was well known for the natural beauty of its mountains.  Idaho, likewise, has been the recipient of untold numbers of illegal immigrants who, streaming up through California, trounce all over American customs, ignoring even the native English language.

The proletariat

California’s problems are hemorrhaging into the surrounding states.  Hardly anything is being done in California to stem the tide of vacating people.  Occasionally there are movements of voters who call for a splitting up of the state.   Such initiatives have yet to be successful.  As for the never-ending, deleterious problems of California, there is no moving forward.  No healing, no restoration, no backtracking to any point of sanity.  Just a steady march forward into ruination.
In this situation, the American masses behave like locusts.  They move from one pasture to another until the land is ruined, and then they move on to the next region.  Just as locusts are viewed as pests, these groups of people are viewed as an impersonal collective.  People stare westward in horror at the thing that is California, and they remark, “They’re all insane over there.”  Just as Jefferson viewed the canaille as sores on a human body, so too is the current view of the American populace.  We pride ourselves on our individualism, but actually, people are generalized most of the time.   We as a population are a statistic, not a people.  We are eaters running out of space.


  1. As this article states, the movement of leftist Californians whose Utopia has turned into a sweltering cess pool, to other not so virally infected States will simply poison the remainder of the branches of the American Tree. These Left Coast wing nuts know no other way and they aren’t even wise enough to understand how politically and culturally mentally ill they are compared to the remainder of the country.
    In a perfect setting I would love to see the US restructuring itself into 3 or 4 separate state nations that retain all the vestiges of Americana but each should be created for and peopled by folks of similar beliefs and ideas.
    We could create a small nation for the left wing fruit cakes and their marxist lovers like DeBlasio and Cuomo, Hillary Clinton, etc.; another for blacks who want their own country, complete with all that promises and no white people; another for whites, inclusive of people of faith and a belief in limited government and another for Southerners or people who simply don’t want anything to do with the rest of the folks with their agendas and PITA causes. Each could exist on the revenue it generates and run its own show.
    But, it’s just a dream. In the interim all we’ll do is continue to fight amongst ourselves, hate each other’s guts and maybe on one day in the not so distant future, we’ll take up arms against each other and try to settle the matter like men

  2. […] American masses behave like locusts. They move from one pasture to another until the land is ruined,… Just as locusts are viewed as pests, these groups of people are viewed as an impersonal collective. People stare westward in horror at the thing that is California, and they remark, “They’re all insane over there. We as a population are a statistic, not a people. We are eaters running out of space. […]

  3. As a Californian for some 30 odd years- I can tell you not all the folks here are bleeding heart liberals and wacky nut jobs. In San Diego- there used to be a large conservative population- that was military friendly and traditional Americans. Where did we go wrong? My opinion is the big city lib’s ( San Fran Freak -show LA) and Hollywood.
    Not too many of us sane folks left and those who can are getting out. Our election for Governor this fall gives us 2 very bad choices.
    The free admittance of illegal aliens and fighting the federal government at every turn , don’t bode well for us
    I need to get out of here as well- but where to go? the nut jobs are not gong anywhere- just the normal working folks whose votes no longer count…..

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