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Why All The Boomer Hate?

We have posted many pro-Gen X articles here. In fact, I wrote many of them. You can see some examples here and here. A big part of our perspective, inherent in our argumentation, is that Gen X (and later generations)

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Book Review – "The Pity of War"

The Pity of War. Niall Ferguson. New York: Basic Books, 1999. Pp. xliii+563. $17.00. ISBN 0-465-05712-8. Organizing his book, The Pity of War, around ten hypothetical questions, Niall Ferguson attempts to show

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A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

Editor’s Note: We at Men of the West will rarely look to FDR without acrimony, but on this day, December 7, it is fitting that we remember the attack on Pearl Harbor,