An ethicist leads the charge into interlocking fields of unreality:

Moral case for legal age change


Should a person who feels his legal age does not correspond with his experienced age be allowed to change his legal age? In this paper, I argue that in some cases people should be allowed to change their legal age. Such cases would be when: (1) the person genuinely feels his age differs significantly from his chronological age and (2) the person’s biological age is recognised to be significantly different from his chronological age and (3) age change would likely prevent, stop or reduce ageism, discrimination due to age, he would otherwise face. I also consider some objections against the view that people should be allowed to change their legal age and find them lacking…


Misage him and it’s jail for you. Coming in 2025

Once more into the breach, dear friends.

When we decided that it was okay for a person to change his sex*, trans-race and trans-age became inevitable. It’s easy to laugh off the obvious lunacy of the idea now. How could someone seriously claim to be of a different race than he genetically is? But a generation ago, no one pretended that someone could seriously claim to be of a different sex than he genetically is. Now denying it can send you to jail.

Age is not really different, even though no one actually has an age, much less a legal age. Age is simply a shorthand calculation of the period between when one was born and today. That’s why the sign in the liquor store says, “If you were born before this date in…”. Age is measurement of duration between two objective dates.

So changing one’s legal age could only be accomplished by changing one’s date of birth. In other words, by lying about the past. To change one’s legal age is to say “on this date, such a thing happened” when it did not. It’s a lie, and everyone who tells it is a liar.

Just as those who call Jenner and Manning “she” are liars**.

Thus it always is: once objective truth is jettisoned, all that remain are lies and liars. Evil men and impostors, going from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived (2Tim 3:13).

This should not surprise us: we live in a world run by the father of liars.  But it does have the ability to frustrate and dishearten us.

It shouldn’t.  As our nation and this modern world system throw themselves into a volcano of self-deception, we must stand for the truth, the objective truth, no matter who we stand against and no matter what it costs us.

And we can so stand, for we have a solid foundation upon which to stand.

We serve the Truth himself.

* Or rather, we decided to force everyone else to pretend that such a change has been effected.
** We’re still laughing at Dolezal and King, but only because Google has not yet discovered a way to monetize trans-racialism.