Sermon: The Blood of Jesus Christ

Editor’s Note: Billy Sunday was one of the most famous evangelists of this time (late 19th C – early 20th C). Formerly a popular baseball player, after his conversion to Christianity, he



A few weeks ago, I saw an article on how to attract Millennials to your church. And the first bullet on the list was to not place any value on tradition. That’s


Sermon: On Sleeping in Church

Editor’s Note: This comes from the famous author, satirist, and Anglican Bishop, Jonathan Swift. Most famous for his classic satire, “A Modest Proposal,” Swift was an important clergyman, who became the Dean


Augustus, Herod, and the Innocents

Editor’s note:  The following is excerpted from Giovanni Papini’s The Life of Christ.  While Papini’s interpretations of Scripture are sometimes questionable or even false, and  though he is given to intellectual musings

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