We have discussed voting and some related considerations several times on these pages, but ultimately, we need to have come concrete recommendations. That is what I plan to do here. Below are some very specific things that need to be changed in our current voting laws. Note that my comments are based upon the current situation, including immigration, migration patterns, etc. It is possible (and desired) that there are major changes to those activities, as well, but for this article, I will assume that current trends hold. I will also exclude related issues, such as who should be eligible to run for public office.

  1. No one who immigrates to the United States should ever be allowed to vote in national elections. I will table the discussion about whether immigrants can vote in local elections, and  that might be something that each locality determines for themselves, but since national elections impact the whole country, I propose that no immigrant should ever be allowed to vote in those elections.
  2. Those born in the United States to non-citizens should not be allowed to vote. See above for rationale. Immigrants are simply not reliable for knowing what Americans need, and there is no evidence that first generation children of such immigrants are any better. We need to push it out to at least two generations.
  3. No one under the age of 25 should be allowed to vote. While the Left is pushing for lowering the voting age, the reality is that we need to be moving in the other direction. Modern youth are too immature and illogical, and should not be trusted to participate in voting.
  4. No one who owns less than 1 acre of property should be allowed to vote. People need to have skin in the game, and if one does not own property, they are too willing to vote for people who will raise taxes.
  5. No one who receives government aid (welfare, food stamps, etc.) should be allowed to vote. If I have to explain this one, then you are too short for this ride and need to go back to your coloring books.
  6. If a person moves from one state to another, then they should not be allowed to vote for at least ten years after establishing residence in the new location. On this one, I would be open to allowing each individual state to determine the exact limitations (for example, I could see Texas allowing a new citizen from Oklahoma to vote, while forbidding a Californian. That would make sense.). But as a general rule, a ten-year moratorium on voting would be in order, to help curtail Leftists who are fleeing their disintigrating “utopias” from screwing up the new places.

I think that is a good place to start. Do you have any other suggestions? Add them in the comments below.