More and more people are recognizing that the lying news is not reliable nor trustworthy. Of course, those of us here at Men of the West have argued this for a long time, but now even regular folks are figuring it out. We simply say, “It’s About Time.”
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Now, understand that many of these leftist journalists are quite talented, both in their use of the language and in the way they go about presenting even factual information in such a way that it colors how people respond to it. Often, they simply word things in such a way that people’s viewpoint is shifted to the left. These liars do not necessarily give out incorrect facts, but just phrase it the way they want to produce a certain response.

In other words, they frame the debate. Here is a case in point, from Yahoo News:

Now, how does this affect the casual reader? Notice the way this headline is presented. It insinuates that two of Brett Kavanaugh’s former classmates have changed their minds and now support his accuser. In other words, it sounds like the second accuser (the one from Yale University) now has corroboration.

Unfortunately, too many people only read headlines, and will come way with a negative view of Kavanaugh, thinking he just might be guilty. If you go on and read the article, however, you see that:

They said that they do not “wish to dispute Ramirez’s claims.”

“I never saw or heard anything like this,” Garry said. “But I cannot dispute Ramirez’s allegations, as I was not present.”

“I also was not present and therefore am not in a position to directly dispute Ramirez’s account,” Ewing said, though The New Yorker reported that he emphasized that the allegation was “out of character” for Kavanaugh.

Aha! So there is no corroboration of these claims of abuse. In fact, one of them says that it would be totally out of character for Kavanaugh to have done such a thing. Yet, since they were not present and have no knowledge of the event, one way or the other, they are in no way able to confirm nor deny that it ever happened. In other words, they are just like you and me. They were not there. They never heard anything about it. And so they are in no position to make a call, one way or the other.

Now, if this article’s author was challenged about the title, all she has to do is point to the quote I have above and argue that she presented a correct statement about why these two requested to be removed from the statement. In that, she would be correct. Yet she knows that most people will never read the actual article. All she needed, to encourage people to hold her leftist view, is to phrase the headline in such a way that people assume certain things.

This is why we do not trust any of the Main Stream Media. They are all liars and enemies of all that is true and Holy.